How to avoid holiday weight gain

1- Pay attention to the quantity 

The first decision you have to make on vacation is not to deprive yourself of any delicious dish, but to pay attention to the amount you eat. For example, if you are a fan of pizza, you can eat it, but in a limited quantity that does not exceed two or three Max pieces.

2- Eat at least one healthy dish a day

On this holiday, in addition to eating a few fatty dishes, try to resort to at least one healthy dish, such as a salad, as it helps you get full faster first and eat a smaller amount of fatty dishes on the other hand.

3- Try to eat healthy snacks

We know very well that during the holidays, you crave a lot of sweets and fatty snacks, but what you have to do is resort to low-calorie snacks. This does not mean that you cannot eat the sweets that you love at all, such as ice cream, chocolate, etc., but try to balance all the days of the holiday.

4- Resort to projects that do not require eating a lot of food 

Try as much as possible not to have all projects on this holiday based on food, go for example to a trip on the ship, go to the beach, visit heritage landmarks and many others. It will go a long time without you even thinking about eating, believe us!

5- Walk long distances!

Tip: No taxis on vacation! Try as much as possible to resort to walking on vacation to move from one place to another, this will help you burn more calories.

6- Eat slowly

Eating slowly helps to increase awareness of the quantity and type of food. Train yourself to be somewhat slow while eating, you will notice that the amount of food you will eat will be less than usual.


7- Eat protein at every meal

Eating protein helps to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce appetite, so it is good to eat some kind of protein such as eggs or yogurt, and others before going to any type of destination during the holiday period. This will help you not to overeat sweets or even unhealthy food available in stores.

8- Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep negatively affects weight loss. When we are tired, we become less efficient in choosing healthy food. Sleep affects metabolism and may lead to weight gain. Make sure you get enough sleep on your vacation - your body will need rest too.

9- Share food with your friends on the trip

Sharing is Caring! Try as much as possible to share the same dishes with your friends, this will help you to eat less food.

10- Drink plenty of water

Let the water bottle be your best friend this holiday. Make sure to drink plenty of water, as it helps to feel full and burn more calories.

11- Try to avoid high-calorie drinks

Soft drinks, processed juice and other drinks that you think do not cause weight gain, unfortunately are very rich in calories. Therefore, we advise you to avoid this type of drink and replace it with water.