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According to Google: 5 tips for appearing in Google News

Do you want to get traffic from Google News? This article is made especially for you

Everyone knows that two years ago, Google stopped receiving applications to join Google News and replaced this with automated algorithms that filter and favorite sites in news recommendations.

After the appearance of sites in the Top Stories box automatically, many Arab site owners began to ask what are the factors that Google chooses sites on the basis of.

For this reason, we decided at SEO Right to do a thorough research to find out the most important factors that Google prefers sites in the news box.

5 tips for appearing in Google News results

First: Your site must have the eligibility, experience and credibility EAT Google cares a lot about this term called EAT or expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, which are factors that any site builds through several things that we will explain to you quickly

Eligibility : It is the extent to which your site specializes in the type of news it provides, and this matter is measured by Google based on the number of external links or text signals that indicate your site as a reliable source for providing this type of news or topics.

Experience : It is more related to the news editors on your site. Do they have any experience in the news content that they publish, as Google prefers sites that have editors who have news on the Internet related to the field in which they write.

Credibility : It is the reliability of the news that you publish on your site and is it supported by reliable sources or not, for example, a press interview in a major newspaper or reliable content from Wikipedia, for this reason you should support your news with reliable sources.

Advice from SEO experts right: If you are creating a new site for the purpose of appearing in Google News, specialize in a specific news field at first, such as sports, art or economics news, and try to publish your news extensively on social media platforms, especially Twitter, targeted by active hashtags. This will speed up the process of detecting and favoring a site for Google News algorithms in the results.

Second: Your site must have a history of publishing exclusive, unreported news at a fixed rate

You cannot appear in the news recommendations box if all your news is transmitted from newspapers and other websites, and this is what Google emphatically clarifies by saying:

Having a consistent history of producing original news-related content.

For this reason, we always recommend the presence of news editors who follow up on trending events on a daily basis and edit them to display them exclusively within your site and in a different way from other newspapers and websites.

Advice from SEO experts right : The news content should be published in an editorial format without referring to the writer of the news or asking questions to readers, just a narration of what happened without comment from the editor.

Third: Your site must be subject to Google News policies

Google explains on its site that there are some policies that its algorithms rely on to automatically prefer sites in news recommendations results.

The extent to which the news content is related to the search process: The news published on your site must clearly answer the search process carried out by the researcher in Google.

The importance of the news : do not expect to appear in the news box with news that no one is looking for and people do not pay attention to, so you should cover the trending news, but from a different perspective.

Eligibility : Your site must have a proven history of publishing exclusive news and you have proof of this through the backlinks you get and the rate of publishing your news on social media.

Newness of the news : Do not expect it to appear in the news box if you are always the last one to deal with the news, the fastest is always the best and that is why major newspapers top most news results in Google.

Location : If you are an Egyptian site, most of its visitors are from Egypt, do not expect it to appear in the news box in Google Saudi Arabia, as Google prefers sites

According to Google 5 tips for appearing in Google News

according to the sources they visited.

Language : It will certainly not appear in the results of Google Spain with news in Arabic and vice versa.

Fourth: Adding the Structured Data properly

Google explains that in order to guarantee your site the opportunity to appear in Google News, you must rely on certain metadata or Structured Data within your site, which is as follows:-

Publication date or datepublished: the date the news was published on your site in ISO 8601 . format

– Datemodified or datemodified: It is the date on which the news was modified on your site in the ISO 8601 format

News title or headline: It is the title of the main news story, which may differ from the title of the page

– News image or image: It is the link to the main image of the news, and an image must be present inside the news

Availability of content for free or isAccessibleForFree: to clarify whether this news is freely available to readers or not

– News editor or author : Each news story must have an editor who appears in his name and with a link to his page on your site.

Fifth: Transparency of your website

Google stresses the importance of transparency on your site, which is a term that indicates the presence of sufficient data about the site, editors, and editorial policy that anyone can access.

Clear publication and modification dates

About each editor on the news page

About the newspaper or news site

A page explaining the editorial policy of the site

A page to communicate with the administration of the newspaper or the website

Advice from SEO experts right : Invite the editors on your site to fill in their account information completely, starting with the bio, through the links of their accounts on social networking sites, to their prominent image, as this will double your chances of appearing in the news box.

It is also recommended to prepare a page with the names, pictures and links of the accounts of all the editors on the site and add them to the invoice of your site under the title of the editorial team.