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An application that helps you lose weight!


An application that helps you lose weight!

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There are many people who suffer from excess weight   and the inability to lose weight, and they cannot adhere to special diets, diet and exercise, and they do not know how many calories are allocated to them per day or what is useful healthy food that does not increase weight, but we have come to you with a solution to these problems with this application The amazing myplate calorie tracker

Dear reader, are you tired of your lack of commitment to diet or special diets?

Do you want to lose weight and can not stick to the diet??

To you, this   distinguished application, our dear followers, myplate calorie tracker , is one of the most amazing applications that help you lose weight


This application is one of the best free applications to help you adhere to the diet through its very special program, as it calculates how many calories you need during the day and does not take an increase over it, that is, you take only the amount that your body needs

It also enables you to record on it all the food you have eaten and calculates carbohydrates, sodium, iron and vitamins for you. It also suggests for you the types of food your body needs   in this way. You know through it that the balance of your food determines the calories you need so that you do not eat more than them.

It also puts a sports program for you,   all of this in one application, and it is also free

Among the most important features of this application :

- It's a free app

-This application is safe

Very little application space

It does not affect the battery charge level

Very easy to use and uncomplicated

It helps those who want to lose weight significantly, in a correct and harmless way

- Helps you to do correct and daily exercises

- And many other amazing features you will find when you download this application

How to use the application :

The way to use the application is very easy, simple and uncomplicated

Download it from Google Play, then install it on the mobile phone and activate it, and it will set you a proper diet program to follow and the calories you need per day so that you do not exceed other calories.

The application suggests you daily exercises to follow, and many other features that you will find in this amazing application


Download links Dear reader, click here to download the myplate calorie tracker app 👇📱


Android download link 👇

Click here

iPhone download link

Click here



We hope that we have provided you with the benefit as we promised you. Wait for us, our dear followers   , in all new things. Your positive comments and suggestions support us. May you be fine.