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An application that predicts the shape of you and your friends in old age


Predict what you will look like in old age


Have you ever thought, dear reader, that you will be able to know how you will look in your advanced years?

Curious to know that?


What is this app?


The Face up application has spread a   lot among the pioneers of social networking sites in the recent period, and we are seeing pictures of our friends and some people on the sites of great age and signs of aging, so what is this application and how was it developed? We will learn about it in our article


How did the app originate?


The   wireless lab company  developed this application in 2017, but it has recently spread to a wider range among users due to the spread of "trends" on social networking sites, so all the pioneers of these sites began to transfer their photos at the age of forty, fifty and sixty according to their choice


How the application works


The application is based on the principle of artificial intelligence and filters, which play an important role in modifying features, so the filter adds a little gray hair and some wrinkles here and there in an innovative way, and you only have to download it and enjoy these wonderful features with your friends



Application features


The idea of ​​this app is amazing because for the first time you can go decades into the future and see what you look like

Another feature of this application is that it is very close to reality and keeps your features the same, but with some wrinkles and white hair in an amazing and very realistic way.


How to download it


The application is available in the Android and iOS stores for free and does not require much from you to activate it

Just install the application, then choose a picture of you, and the application will in an innovative way transport you through the time machine to see how you will look like after twenty or forty years to come


Is it free?


This application started for free, but with some updates in its latest version, some paid filters have been added, but there are still other filters that you can use for free and enjoy this experience with you and your friends


Second uses of the application


In this application, in addition to enlarging your age through images, you can also modify and edit images and add a lot of things to them, such as enlarging the eyes or changing the shape of the nose, enlarging or reducing the mouth or changing the shape of the face and many, many distinctive uses


How secure and private is this app?


The issue of the security and privacy of this site has not yet been resolved, but the creators of this application always confirm that this application does not save user data in its system, and that the images that are modified through it are not shared with anyone else, and there are not yet any cases of privacy violations in This application


To download the application, click 👈🏼  here

To download the application, click 👈🏼  here

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