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application someone monitoring your phone to you this app to detect spies?


Is someone monitoring your phone to you this app to detect spies?


Do you often wonder if someone is watching your phone?

Do you want to know who is searching your phone or spying on it?

To protect your phone from nosy people and spies

Here's the solution:


What is this app?


The Who touched my phone application is one of the most beautiful and easiest applications to use, and through this application you can know who is spying on your phone and constantly opening it during your absence from it or leaving it

The application sends a report and saves it in data containing the timing of touching the phone and a picture through the front camera of the stranger who touched it, in addition to the programs that were accessed.

Or whoever tries to unlock your phone without your knowledge, the application will also take a direct picture of him and store it in his system so that you can see it later and know who is spying on you.


How did this app originate?


Because of a lot of nosy people who open our phone and erase things from it or monitor some of our private messages and photos

Foreign developers have developed the who touched my phone application , which enables you, dear reader, to know who is holding your phone in your absence, and through it, you will keep your phone more secure and maintain its privacy.



Through the front camera that captures the image when a stranger touches the phone and tries to unlock the device

Thus, you can find out who caught your phone in your absence through this unique application

Through it, you can also maintain the confidentiality of your information and not allow anyone to infiltrate your privacy


Is it free?

The who touched my phone application is completely free and does not entail any sums of money or payment


Is it safe and light?

This application is safe and does not violate your privacy and does not ask for any permissions to access your folders and private files

This application is light and small in size and does not take up space on your phone, and you can use it easily and conveniently



Android  click here

iPhone  click here


How do I download this app?

You can download the application from the Google Store or from the Apple Store, and it is available for free and does not require you to pay anything. Just download it and you will get to know everyone who tries to spy on your private files on your phone.


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