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ِApplication that helps you understand the language of your cats

  To cat lovers , here is an application that helps you understand the language of your cats  

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Do you hear your cat meowing permanently and you don't know what he wants??!!

Do you want to communicate with your cat and understand its beautiful language???

You will find the method in this application:


To understand your cat's language more


Cats are among the smartest pets, and it is noticeable that most cats share some types of sounds to meow between them to express their desires, such as (get away from me) (I am angry) (I want to eat), and pet owners recognize some of these sounds! And they can distinguish some of them while they are unable to know the reasons for their meowing several times, so the developers and engineers developed a smart program based on artificial intelligence to understand the language of these beautiful animals.

Learn your cat's language

Have you ever imagined, dear reader, that you can understand what your pet cat is telling you, and that you can translate every sound it makes and interpret its meaning?!

The MeowTalk application was developed   using artificial intelligence technology by a former engineer in the international Amazon company. This application, in a unique and innovative way, translates the cat’s meow and converts it into words that cats can understand and interact with. Cat owners can know each type of their cat’s meow, what is the reason behind it and what is its purpose. Thus, they can understand the desires of their cats and meet them in a timely manner and communicate with them in an effective way


How to use


Download the application from Google Play or the Apple Store, then you can install it and record your cat’s voice, and the application will search for you about the meaning it means, is it hungry, happy, thank you, or afraid based on the existing phrases and sounds stored in the application’s internal system by other users who have recorded their cats’ meows with The purpose of this meowing is that there are now 13 phrases in the application to get to know your cat’s demand, and you can also add words with the sound of your cat through the


The application collects the most similar phrases and installs them in its internal system for the benefit of other users


Application features


The first and most important feature is that you will be able for the first time to understand what your cat wants by translating the meanings of the meowing that he does daily 😍

The user can also share a translation of the voice of his pet, as we mentioned earlier, by recording the sound of the cat whose meaning he knows and then writing his translation on it. Example: This sound is made by my cat when he is hungry, and this sound and meow he makes when he is afraid. Thus, dear reader, you can communicate with your pet with this. The strange way


Is this app free?


The meowTalk application is a completely free application and does not impose any fees, subscriptions or accounts on you, so download it now and enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience with your cat and share your comment and your experience with this application


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