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How to become creative in making decisions

One of the most disturbing things for each of us is making a decision, so that you find yourself confused and unable to make the appropriate and correct decision. Especially if these decisions are fateful or have an impact on others.

And often if we talk about a successful person, we find that he is able to make the right decisions that reflect positively on his personal and practical life. What do we mean by making decisions? What are the steps to making a decision?

What is meant by decision-making skill?

When we say decision-making, here we simply mean the ability to choose a specific thing from two or several things. We can also say that the decision-making skill is the ability to find solutions to certain problems based on two basic factors, which are intuition and logic. You can't rely on feelings or logic independently, they must be combined with secondary factors to be able to make the right decision.

The reason for the difficulty in making decisions

Difficulties in making a decision are due to several factors that you have to take into account because of their impact on your life in general, whether social, academic or practical. So, when you are forced to choose a decision, you are in an internal conflict in which you study all the pros and cons of the step you will take, which makes it difficult to make a final decision.

What are the steps to making the right decision?

In the event that you have fallen into a situation in which you choose one of several things and it is difficult for you to make the right decision, do not worry, because by following the following steps, you will be able to make the right decisions with ease:

1- Define and understand the problem

Before you try to make a specific decision, always make sure to thoroughly research that issue and understand all its aspects. You can also talk to people and ask for people's opinions. This is so that you have comprehensive pictures on that issue. You have to be careful to avoid making decisions when you are confused about something.

2- Don't be reckless and stay away from emotion

Many people make mistakes when choosing or making decisions, and most of these decisions are due to relying on emotion, which leads to haste and recklessness. So the solution, as we mentioned earlier, is to adopt intuition and logic together in making decisions.

3- Rely on your experiences
The previous experiences that you lived or made positively affect the decisions that you will take, whether this experience is related or not related to the thing you seek to choose, as it will often have a good influence on the decision-making in your hands.

4- Take more time to think

The most likely thing that can lead to making a wrong decision is putting pressure on yourself to find the solution quickly. When you rush to make a decision, you are here overlooking several points and things that you should think about. So when you take the time to think, you make your mind more clear and clear, which makes making decisions more logical and balanced.

5- Prepare for the worst

Before making any decision, be sure to be prepared for the worst, whatever your choice, because in the event that you made a wrong decision, you have already thought about this and have prepared prior solutions, which makes accepting and fixing the matter easier.

Making decisions is one of the most difficult things that may happen to anyone, although it seems simple on the surface. So when you have to make a decision, try to be more rational and focused, and try to take into account what we mentioned earlier. And don't worry if you make a wrong decision, but look for one solution after another and don't give up.