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How to increase your online store sales and make double profits

When we reviewed our message box, we found frequent questions about doubling the sales of online stores, and the most famous of these questions were the following:

How can I increase online store customers?

Can I double my profits in one year?

What conditions can help me achieve double sales for my store? 

How can I get the first results with the products of my store?

Therefore, we have presented this article on doubling your online store sales, in order to answer all the questions in your mind about increasing your online store sales.

How to increase your online store sales and make double profits

But before you start getting acquainted with the details, you should know that this content is provided for:

  • An online marketer is responsible for a plan to increase store sales within a specified period.
  • SEO specialist for a marketing company, responsible for a store, and driven to increase online sales.
  • An online store owner who is working to improve your store in search engines, and wants to make more profits.

How to increase online store sales?

If we assume that you have an online store in any country, for example Saudi Arabia, and you want to direct your services and products towards your audience, then you can rely on common methods via the usual advertising marketing, for example ads via Google and various social platforms.

But in SEO , we do not depend on it. When we have the desire to increase the sales of your online store, we achieve this, but in our own way, which I will explain to you now.

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Strategy to increase your online store sales

The strategy we rely on to improve your store will make clear the gap that you miss in reaching customers faster on the first pages, and therefore your site’s journey will be different until you reach customers, whether B2C or B2B.

First: the analysis

We analyze your site using one of the SEO tools, such as AHREFS, SEMRUSH, Alexa, all of these tools are accurate, but we prefer to use the SEMRUSH tool, as it is one of the most important paid tools that helps you analyze your store and competitors' stores.

This tool provides full reports on your store and the validity of links to it, check the internal SEO of the store, determine the page and domain authority, and also provides you with the ability to analyze the performance of your store, traffic and visits, whether from Google or from social media and internal links to the store.

You can also try this tool to analyze your online store and those of your competitors by clicking here and enjoy 7 days free.

Then we start by analyzing the store and competing stores in the following points:

Speed ​​analysis with Page Speed

  • We test the download speed of your website's theme and measure the speed of competitors as well, by using Google's tool, Page Speed, which you can use by clicking here .
  • Check site codes with validator

    • After that, we make sure of the integrity of the site in terms of html and css codes, and this is done through the validator tool, which is the most accurate tool for checking site codes and their compatibility with international standards, and you can use this tool by clicking here . 

    Test site responsiveness across all devices with Google Mobile-friendly

    • Then we test the compatibility of the site with all devices, whether desktop or phone, through the most accurate tools from Google, which is Google Mobile-friendly, which you can use by clicking here .
    • It is also recommended that we analyze the store pages and how they appear and examine their content and the word that you target is formatted within the content of these pages or not.

    Ensure that the site is archived quickly

    • Ensure the speed of archiving the site and the number of pages it archives daily, monthly or annually, by typing in Google, for example site: 

    Internal link analysis 

    • We analyze the internal links of the entire store by using Screaming Frog, and you can also analyze the internal links for each page in the store individually by using the SEO Extension [Metrics, Backlinks, On-Page] which you can add from here .

    You can also analyze pages from this extension as well. Detailed SEO Extension, which you can add here .

  • Keyword Check

    • Examine the keywords targeted by the store and have a distinct arrangement in them in order to maintain the store's ranking in these words, and we examine them through the SimRush tool .

    Compare number of products (site: 

    • Comparing the number of products in the store versus the number of products in competing stores, because outperforming the competitor in the number of products in each brand has the highest priority with Google, and you can find out through the following method (writing site: For example, if you want to know about Amazon products, you type site: in Google and it will appear to you.

    User Experience Content Check

    • Checking user experience content on all pages of the site, because good and error-free UX content can increase the conversion rates of your site by a high percentage; Which helps you reach your goal.

    Check product pages

    • Analyzing product pages and whether they provide additional value to the visitor or not in order to improve the customer's Retention, which means the rate of return of the customer to buy again and thus improving the rate of LTV or Life Time Value, which refers to improving the expected revenue from one customer.
    • Therefore, you must make sure that the descriptive information of the product is complete or not, for example, if you are a clothing store, it is preferable that the product page contains (description, size, color, price, shipping, material, discount coupon or not) and be explained to the visitor the benefit that will He gets it when buying this product and its features. This content is popular with the visitor and Google, and I advise you to implement this point in your store.

    Writing content for the store's blog

    • Ensure that there is content in the store’s blog that is useful to the visitor, for example if the store is for clothes, I advise you to write content related to fashion and colors, and how to purchase pieces, in addition to clarifying a description of the most famous brands and their most prominent products in your store.

    After we finished analyzing each of the previous points within your online store and your competitors as well, we find solutions and main lines that help you get a high percentage of visitors who are already interested in your store daily, and then reach the most important goal of increasing sales and profits .

    Second: Strategic implementation to increase sales of your online store

    Here, together, we will clarify the most important points that you must ensure the safety of your site:

    • Technical Seo

    First, we will examine the site from the technical side. This is an important thing and has a significant impact on improving the appearance of your online store. We previously worked on an online store and had a problem with the site’s speed on the store’s mobile version, and it was necessary to solve it, as the largest category of visitors came from Mobile version route.

    When improving the speed, the positive effect appeared in increasing users through the mobile by approximately 50% during the first month. We also tested all store pages and tested the design and its compatibility with all devices, the ease of use of browsing products and the ease of making a purchase, in order to guarantee the visitor a good experience for us. .

    • key words

    Choosing the favorite words of your targeted visitors who have the intention of buying is an essential thing to increase your sales volume, and you can choose keywords by analyzing the words that top Google search results with many tools, the most famous of which are:

    1. Google keyword planner  
    2. Ubersuggest .
    3. Ahrefs .
    4. SEMRUSH .
    5. Keywords everywhere .

    And we preferred to choose Long tail keywords for people looking for products, for example, how to buy products, the importance of buying the product, everyone has a clear purchase intention that you will get through these words, for example if you offer Turkish carpets, you can choose words” Turkish carpet store / Turkish carpet price”, and if you do not know how to choose keywords, you can view the largest guide for keywords in detail from here .

    Then we use these words to write new content (articles) and publish it on the store's blog, in order to support the keyword at the end.

    For example, targeting the words related to the word Turkish carpets, which is “buying Turkish carpets” the best types of Turkish carpets “how to buy Turkish carpets”, then we support the word internally by directing internal links within the article to the product page directly.

    • Identify product pages that need improvement

    Here we will examine the product pages in the store by Google Analytics, and rank them from the least visited that have not achieved sales or achieved low sales, in order to study and improve them so that they are at the level of advanced pages, and you can register your store in it from here . 

    • Review the content of the pages

    Examining the content of the store pages is one of the important elements for developing and improving the store, so we will examine and analyze it whether it serves the visitor or not and meets the needs or not, and is it content that is easy for search engines to understand or not, where the clarity of the contents of the page is one of the elements that facilitate access As a result, pages appear faster.

    Checking the content of pages is one of the most important points in getting your online store’s high ranking 

    • Add content to sections

    We update the content and titles of the sections of the store, and put keywords in a smooth manner within the content, and this is because the section is to pave the visitor's journey to get its contents.

    • Optimize the most important pages in the store that get high visits and clicks

    We identify the most important pages in the store that generate high visits and clicks; Let's improve it in order to maintain the position of the store in these results are very important; In order to increase the acquisition of the percentage of customers interested in it, you can extract these pages through Google Search Console, and you can access it by clicking here to register your site.

    We also advise you to extract pages with similar content, pages without content, and pages without Meta title, Meta description, so that they can be modified in addition to merging new words that affect the increase in sales inside them, and you can extract these pages through the Scramming Forge program, This is a great program that you can analyze your website pages with when you download a copy on a device from here .

    To see the details of the program and how to analyze the site, watch the following video:

    • Add Call to Action to encourage purchase

    The addition of the Call to Action in the Meta title and Meta description is one of the most important factors in increasing the percentage of sales, in order to provide the researcher who wants to buy, or had an inquiry before buying, to turn into a potential customer.

    For example, using the phrase “Buy the best Turkish rugs now” enjoy free shipping when buying Turkish rugs through us “Buy Turkish rugs now” “best collection of Turkish rugs shop now.” We find that the call to action here with the word “purchase” encourages the visitor to get on the product.

    • In-store word strategy

    Keywords can be used by all people, but only a few are good at employing words within the content.

    We are aware of the most important places to use words in order to obtain the result of increasing the volume of store sales, and these places:

    Title Meta title

    It is best to use the keyword at the beginning of the title, this change has a huge impact on store sales, but be careful not to exceed 60 characters.

    Short description Meta description

    This description is the first thing the reader sees, so the use of the word within it and our concern that its length does not exceed 160 characters only is necessary.

    Combine words in sub-headings, headlines, and article content

    Incorporating the target words into the headings of all kinds is necessary, so it is preferable to use the words in the main and sub-headings, which we denote by the H1, H2, H3 headers.

    Then merging it into the body of the content and this is very important, because it improves the placement of the word within the article or product description, in addition to the use of tags and derivatives, this creates an opportunity for you to appear in a greater proportion on all words, for example, “I buy the best Turkish rugs and land covers.” Turkish origin’, here we used the keyword “Turkish carpets” and the derivative word “Turkish land preserves”.

    You can learn how to write an essay and combine words correctly through the following video:

    • Observe the visual content

    Much attention should be paid to visual content, especially since Google gives great importance to visual content, and this played a major role when we worked on a store where we were encouraged to use human evidence of all kinds, for example (photos - videos - infographics - mind maps) within The store at that time.

    Canva is also the most used program for making different Infographics and you can use the free version that Canva offers by clicking here .

    • Internal links strategy

    In this internal linking strategy, or what is known as Internal Link, it is preferable to identify the most important pages in the store in order to help you create a series of internal links in the right way, so that the search engines that target it, namely Google, make sure of the importance of these pages and the relationship between them.

    • Share your store in marketing channels – Social Signals

    Organic traffic can be increased when you share your online store and its contents via social media platforms, for example (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Plurk, Reddit, twitter, Tumblr).

    • Checking and building external links Backlinks

    We check the external links obtained by the store, and if there are expired links and links that include a percentage of the Spam Score, we disavow them and this is so that the online store is not damaged.

    Then we create an external link strategy of Dofollow or Nofollow type according to the analysis of competitor links.

    This check of external links we do through many tools such as Ahrefs tool, which is considered the best tool in analyzing competitors in terms of OFF Page, because it gives different statistics for store links, which are as follows:

    • Mention the number of Referring Domains, which are the domains that refer to your store.
    • Clarify the number of backlinks and Keyword Anchor text Cloud used to build these links.
    • Follow the links that point to your store, whether they are gained or lost, daily or weekly.

    And you can login to try this analysis tool and get 7 days free by clicking here .

    • Measuring customer satisfaction 

    Customer satisfaction is the basis for increasing sales, so doing the survey with the actual customers of the store is essential for the benefit of your store, because asking customers what is the best thing about the store and the points they want to provide, they feel confident in your store.

    This is what we did in one of the online stores, so we sent a survey to the customers and left them space to say any observation they had, and this was one of the reasons for its success and the reason for increasing the sales of the online store.

    • Focus on improving ratings 

    Improving your Google store ratings has a significant impact on gaining more customers, and this is what we found after we improved the ratings of an online store, through which we gained a large segment of new visitors who depend on the experience and evaluation of previous visitors and accordingly make the decision to purchase from the store.

    With this, the journey of knowing how to increase the sales of your online store in our own way in Seo will be over.

    I also like to clarify that these steps have already been tested on various online stores and achieved a significant increase in sales.