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How to use SEO to get profits and not results in search engines


In October of 2015, Google announced the start of relying on “artificial intelligence” to understand the searches that are carried out on it, specifically the most complex searches that have more than one meaning in one, for example, How PDF Being Protected, Google was deducing from them that he should search About PDF files and showing results that contain the word Being Protected

But after the announcement of the launch of RankBrain , the artificial intelligence device responsible for understanding searches and finding appropriate results, Google was able to anticipate the “searcher’s intent” or what is known as Search Intent, which is the heart of Google’s main algorithm on which the search engine is built, and it became understood that the user is looking for how to protect its PDF files.

Therefore, back to what we are talking about in this article, that if you can understand the intention of the researcher when you create a new article or page within your site, you will be able to access it without the need to top the first results in Google on any word.

But how is this done? 

 There are many types of searches, including “Do Queries” 

There are explicit intent searches called Do Queries, which are searches that tell us that someone wants to perform a specific action whether buy, download, view etc...

Another type called Do-Device Queries falls under it, which are searches associated with a specific device such as mobile phones, Mac, or even PlayStation 4, such as downloading a program or game from the App Store, watching a movie on PlayStation 4, etc...

How to benefit from this : Here we have a lot of opportunities if we can provide content based on correct information such as, who is searching for this content, what device they are using, what is their clear intention and how it is expressed in the search engine.

When you enter and go to any of the sections of the site

For example, the Cell Phones & Accessories section

We will find many phones, but let's look for the ones with the most reviews from users and I'll show you what we can benefit from this shortly...

Now after finding the most reviewed phone, the Motorola Moto G

We will enter the product page and then the questions related to it.

When we go to the product-related questions section, we will find the questions arranged according to the number of votes obtained for each question, and this gives us a clear indication of the importance of this question and the number of those interested in it, as shown in this image.

Now when we go to Google to search for this question, we will find the following

There is no definitive answer to the research process or to the main question.

As you see, this is a great opportunity for you to provide an answer to these questions that visitors search for in Google and do not find answers to them, so they go to closed communities to ask them.

Now when you intend to write an article answering this question, you have to provide something more than an answer to a simple question. You should use that question to build an entire piece of content about the Motorola G phone and its searchers in Venezuela.

You can imagine that you will easily top this result when any user searches for a Motorola Moto G inside or outside Venezuela, any question related to obtaining this phone in Venezuela will lead its owner to your article.

Which will lead to renewed traffic “not in large numbers”, but it is targeted and profitable traffic in a very strong and most important of all, “easy to obtain” traffic, but not everyone is aware of this.

But the most important thing, as we talked a while ago, is about knowing the researcher’s intention and from where he does the research and why he does it in the first place. When talking about this same example, the research leads us to:

That the researcher is one of two (a Venezuelan citizen or a foreigner residing there)

The researcher most often (uses his mobile phone in research)

How to use SEO to get profits and not results in search engines

The researcher speaks Spanish (the official language in Venezuela).

The researcher is in urgent need of buying the phone (an affiliate opportunity)

The researcher is ready to be directed to other articles to ask him a general question

All this when you understand it, you will be able to write a distinctive piece of content, in English once and in Spanish again (new article) and refer to it at the beginning of the English article, also making sure that you have a Responsive Design and that your site ads appear on it properly.

We can understand that the researcher wants direct answers to the questions and is not looking for long introductions
or introduction to the phone because he has already decided to buy it.

Since the researcher is looking for how to get the phone inside Venezuela, he is ready to direct him to articles related to what he is looking for such as how to get a plan for a Moto G phone inside Venezuela, or what are the best mobile networks in Venezuela etc...

There are other types of searches that we can make good use of, such as:

Website -related searches : Or what is known as Website Queries, and here we are talking about searches associated with the use of a specific website or service on the Internet.

Here, too, we find a lot of opportunity to create content that is top-notch and does not need to build backlinks, and it has an interested audience that searches for it daily. Yes, do you believe this?!

How do we do this with this type of search…
First go to BuzzSumo and sign up for a free account

Then do a search on the famous sites that sell products in your field
as shown in the following image and choose Filter Time Last 24 Hours.

You will find the most sold products during this period on this site. Yes, this will give us very great content ideas. See for yourself how we will benefit from this method.

After entering the site, we will click on Questions and Answers, as we did on Amazon. All questions about customers who have purchased the refrigerator will appear.

These questions are certainly not read by all BestBuy users.
What do you think of everyone looking to buy this refrigerator online, and they are in the thousands.

We will now go to create a new article within our site, which we assume is talking about household appliances, putting up a general discussion about them, recommending the best ones, providing solutions to their problems, etc…

Here we have used the name of one of the world's most famous online shopping sites, and there are more than 14,800 thousand searches conducted per month on its name only, whose presence in the title of your article and within the content will bring you visits.

We will benefit from the questions and problems that customers of this refrigerator shared on the page and the answers provided to these questions in creating a piece of content that explains to those who are going to buy this refrigerator what problems they can face and how they can avoid them.

In the end, you can recommend this refrigerator and that it is considered the best among its competitors and take advantage of taking the visitor in the last stages of the marketing funnel, which is making the decision and marketing to buy the refrigerator on BestBuy. You can subscribe to their affiliate system from here

Also here we must understand what the visitor is looking for and how to answer it on our site, since we have discovered through BuzzSumo that this product on this particular site is exposed to many posts on social media and there is traffic on it

We will understand that users are interested in buying it from this site, so everyone looking to buy this refrigerator will search Google for its defects or problems, and since he is a frequenter of, Google will show him results related to the history of his movements on the search engine.

When you search for the name of the refrigerator + the name of the site, you will appear in your article, which does not compete in any word, but it understood the intention of the researcher and provided him with what he was looking for without the need for backlinks