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How to write an article with artificial intelligence AI and paraphrase

 If you own a website or online store, you will need to learn how to write an article with artificial intelligence AI, reformulate the contents and audit them with AI tools, the most important of which is the writer’s site dedicated to writing articles using artificial intelligence.

And now we will show you a text written by artificial intelligence before we explain the importance of writing by artificial intelligence, which provides the most important types of content, which raises the increase in page views of websites and social platforms as well.

“Using artificial intelligence (AI) to write is becoming the most popular type, there are many benefits to using AI to write, including the ability to get more done in less time and the ability to improve the quality of your writing. However, there are also some potential risks associated with AI writing, so it is important to be aware of both the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to use AI to write your next article.

Best AI writing tools 2022 

How to write an article with artificial intelligence AI and paraphrase

There have been many artificial intelligence writing tools since the beginning of 

2022, but we at Seo right advise you to use the Katteb writer tool that offers content creation, content rewriting, and writing articles with artificial intelligence at a cost starting from $ 5, and we will explain to you the details of the entire platform now:

Katteb . writer platform

Kateb website or Kateb platform provides a writing service using artificial intelligence (AI), it helps all writers, owners of companies and institutions to complete and write any content in a short time and with outstanding quality.

It is one of the best Arabic websites that was created by Mr. Ahmed Ezzat, founder of Seo Sah Company, to facilitate writing articles, web content, rewriting articles, and writing ads through artificial intelligence.

Katteb's writer platform also contains many other tools that help writers verify written texts, their authenticity, and their exclusivity.

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Katteb . starter platform services 

Kateb platform can be used to reformulate articles from any language into Arabic, English and more than 60 other languages. It also summarizes articles, and contains many services that any site can benefit from and save a lot of money, and these

services are as follows:

  • Writing long articles.
  • Paraphrasing articles.
  • Multiple formulations of the same text.
  • Provide your website banner suggestions.
  • Your site's articles suggestions.
  • Exclusive description of YouTube videos.
  • Write the end of articles in different ways.
  • Exclusive product description.
  • Writing google ads scripts.
  • Writing social media ads.
  • Email address suggestions.
  • Writing product problems and solutions.
  • Marketing ideas for products and services.

Advantages of Katteb . Starter Platform

Whoever subscribes to the Kateb platform can enjoy its most important advantages, which are as follows:

1- Writing Arabic and English articles and various languages, as it supports more than 60 languages.

2- Provides a proofreading tool to ensure the correctness of writing.

3- It offers a copy checking tool to make sure that your article is 100% exclusive.

4- It contains a history of articles, so that it is easy for you to refer to your articles in the Kateb platform easily.

5- When you register on the Kateb website, you will get a free trial to use 2000 words at no additional cost, and you can register in the tool by clicking here .

How to write an article with artificial intelligence AI in English in the Kateb platform

The way to write an article with artificial intelligence in English in the author platform is very easy and we will show you the method in detail through the following:

1- Log in to your account on the Kateb website.

2- At the top you will find (Start a new article) and next to it a rectangle. Enter the title of your article in it. For example, if you want to write an article about (The importance of SEO for companies), it will be written easily.

  • Put the title (The importance of SEO for companies) in the box, write a new title, then choose the language from Arabic to English or any other language you want, then click on write an article.

  • Then it will take you to the article preparation window, and it will take from 30 seconds to 1 minute:

  • After the preparation is finished, it will show you the contents of the article (the internal headings heding). It allows you to choose the headings it proposes by clicking in the box corresponding to each heading.

 Or add addresses manually by pressing the last line (Add address manually):

  • For example, choose the last three addresses:

  • After that, click on (Start writing the article), and you will be taken to a window with the titles you have chosen, and below it a bar that gives you the percentage of what was written, so the bar starts from 0% until it reaches 100%.

  • After the article reaches 100%, you will find it appears in a new window, in a consistent and correct information and arrangement of titles:

You can use the tools that help you to be sure of the exclusivity and accuracy of the article, because Kateb provides the following:

  • Copy measurement tool.
  • Check linguist.
  • Copy content.

Thus, I wrote an article using artificial intelligence on a writer platform, and learned with me how to write an article with artificial intelligence and paraphrase through the Kateb platform, the first Arab platform for writing content through artificial intelligence.

Writing articles using artificial intelligence

Recently, a new innovative way has spread through AI or what is known as artificial intelligence to create new content and rework old content for blogs and websites, and not only that, but also artificial intelligence provides writing marketing ads for social platforms.

But how important is this way of writing content, and how accurate is AI in writing and formatting paragraphs for websites and blogs? What is the best AI writing tool?

We will mention the answer to you now via the Seo website , and I will also explain to you one of the sites that write articles with artificial intelligence AI, and paraphrase Arabic articles, English, and many other languages.

The importance of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a significant impact on the activity of companies and institutions, because it has become involved in many emerging technical tasks, for example, data collection, automation, translation and creative designs, service and educational robots, practical techniques to explore consequences.

It also replaces the human hand because it also writes without the intervention of people, so you can get texts, articles and ideas with the workings of human minds.

Therefore, many companies and institutions use it for its role in improving the performance and productivity of institutions as well, speeding up performance and consuming little time, and performing tasks quickly and with high quality.

Does AI write all kinds of content?

Yes, artificial intelligence is one of the best that it offers is writing content creatively, and AI does not stop at one type of content, but rather writes all types of content, for example:

  • Create exclusive articles.
  • Paraphrasing articles.
  • Writing ads.
  • Summarizing the texts.
  • Description of products.
  • Description of the videos.

hus, I wrote an article using artificial intelligence on a writer platform, and learned with me how to write an article with artificial intelligence and paraphrase through the Kateb platform, the first Arab platform for writing content through artificial intelligence.