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Images protected by copyright and what are the free alternatives?

 Images are considered one of the important visual elements that are a means of communicating news or ideas or documenting current or historical events. Therefore, there is a great demand for the use of images by individuals or influencers, pages and websites in addition to channels, of course, but one of the challenges that many face is when using images with rights  Here, the use of the image may involve a set of updates, including the possibility of facing some legal problems related to the rights to use the images.

 Problems using images with rights

 So, images are a powerful way to communicate the idea, but images have rights that belong to their owners, and the party that owns the image has the right to ensure that these rights are respected, and although many websites and pages, for example, do not respect the property rights of images, but this does not mean that this practice is not  It has damages.

 For example, you may use an image that has rights, but the party that owns the image has not taken the necessary steps to protect it. For example, on Facebook there are companies that register the ownership rights of images, and therefore it is easy for them to follow any page that uses that image without respecting the usage license.

 Photo License

 Of course, images and any materials on the Internet are available with a usage license. For example, there are companies or institutions that have difficult usage licenses. In order to use the image, you must subscribe to plans offered by this entity. There are companies that allow the use of images, but on the condition that the original image link is attached, or the name is attached.  Only, there are sites that provide completely free licenses.

 free photo sites

 It is good that the Internet is full of sites that offer a lot of free services, including photo sites, specifically photos that provide an open license, so that you can download and use photos freely, whether for profit or non-profit purposes. is considered one of the most important sites that provide free images with an open license, and this license enables you to use images completely free of charge without worrying about any problems related to property rights, so you will not have to worry about deleting your post or penalizing your site or your Facebook page, for example.