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Menstrual irregularity

 There is nothing wrong with rare cycle failures. You need to see a doctor if the phenomenon is systematic. The sooner you can determine the cause of the violation, the better. Ignoring the problem can lead to infertility, the appearance of tumors.

The cycle duration is 26-36 days, menstruation lasts 5-7 days. A single cycle failure may occur due to a sharp change in time zones or climate. There is nothing to worry about, the regularity will gradually be restored. With persistent violations, it is worth going to the doctor, because this indicates the presence of a disease. The longer you are afraid of the gynecologist, the more difficult it will be to eliminate all the consequences, so do not hesitate.

Causes of irregular periods

Cycle failures include not only a shift in timing, but also a change in the nature of the discharge. The appearance of large blood clots, excessive abundance or scarcity of secretions should alert. Violation of the menstrual cycle is considered acceptable after 40 years, during

With menopause, there is no menstruation, but the arrival to this state is not instantaneous. After childbirth, an uneven cycle is also possible, but over time it evens out. In other cases, you need to immediately look for the perpetrator of the violation, which may be:

  1. Infection of the pelvic organs. If this was the reason, then after taking anti-inflammatory drugs, the cycle will be restored.
  2. Chronic stress or lack of sleep. As a result, the cerebral cortex begins to work incorrectly, which leads to uneven menstruation.
  3. Tumors in the brain.
  4. Polycystic or hypoplastic ovaries. Violation of the menstrual cycle in this case will be permanent, genetic features cannot be changed in any way.
  5. Functional disorders. Due to the untimely release of the follicle, there is not enough progesterone, and there is too much estrogen. As a result, the cycle is broken.
  6. Diseases of the endocrine system. Most often, the problem lies in the thyroid gland, so it is checked first.
  7. Taking antidepressants, drugs and alcohol can cause a delay in menstruation.
  8. A sharp loss of 15-20% of body weight or initially very low weight also leads to violations.

Some believe that serious illnesses will necessarily manifest themselves differently, so they do not pay attention to the torn cycle. This is wrong, sometimes the only symptom is NMC.

Ways to treat irregular periods

The doctor chooses the method, there should be no self-treatment, there should be no buying medicines on the advice of a friend. Bring your fears to a specialist, maybe your cycle is an individual feature that does not need to be treated. And if correction is required, then let it pass under the supervision of a doctor.

After establishing the cause of the violation, treatment will be selected. With minor cycle failures, changing the diet, taking vitamins, or reviewing the daily regimen helps. Physiotherapy also has a positive effect. An integrated approach gives the best effect, so do not be alarmed if the doctor gives a long list of recommendations.

Hormones are not terrible!

Often, women do not go to see a gynecologist because they are afraid of prescribing hormonal drugs. Of all the therapies, this one is the most frightening because it can make you gain weight or feel unwell. Let's see which of these fears are real:

  1. Excess weight. Before the elimination of violations with the help of hormones, an insulin resistance test is performed. If it is present, there is a chance to recover. But you will not gain 5 kg with each tablet. The hormones themselves are not high in calories, only they can increase appetite. A little attention to diet and you stay slim with a normal cycle.
  2. Bad feeling. Indeed, the tolerability of drugs is different for everyone, and some may not be suitable. But there are many such drugs, pick up other pills with your doctor to restore the cycle.

Often, the elimination of disorders with the help of hormones brings pleasant bonuses - the face is cleared of acne, the girls feel more cheerful, some even lose weight, because they begin to eat right.

Irregular periods are dangerous

Untreated disorders can lead to serious health problems:

  1. The appearance of tumors of the uterus - cysts or fibromyomas. These growths are painful and can rupture. Failure to treat cycle failure will result in emergency surgery.
  2. With a long delay, polyps or excessive thickening of the inner layer of the uterus are formed. If you do not pay attention to this for 5 years, then a 20% risk of oncology appears.
  3. An uneven cycle threatens infertility . Due to violations of the maturation of the egg, conception becomes very difficult. It will not be possible to relax even after the onset of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is very high.

Do not leave an uneven cycle unattended, do not be afraid of hormones and go to the gynecologist . There is little pleasant in infertility and unscheduled operations.