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ONPAGE SEO Guide 2023

We are back again, dear SEO followers, with a very important post in which we present the most important factors of ON PAGE SEO in the era of robots and machine learning, and how we can understand them and improve our sites to match Google's advanced algorithms.

Onpage SEO : It is all the factors that you can control within your site that will improve the ranking of your site’s results in different search engines and provide a better experience for users browsing your site or what is known as User Experience.

What I will share with you in this post is the new ONPAGE SEO, the factors that affect the ranking of results in search engines, and they are new factors that were not very influential in the past, but at the beginning of 2016 I began to strongly influence the results in foreign content and some areas within the content Arabi .

 Factor #1: Google's trust in your site affects the results of its sub-pages

On 9/23/2014, Google issued a patent for the way it prefers results between different sites in Google. You can read it here .

Google announced that it seeks to rely on what is known as the Global Ranking System , the global ranking system, which I will explain to you now in detail.

Previously, Google would compare pages directly and prefer the best in terms of content quality, site loading speed, number of backlinks, quality, etc.

But at the beginning of 2015 and to this day, it depends on comparing sites with each other and not competing pages for keywords, and this explains why there are some great sites in the results of keywords that they do not necessarily target in their page titles or build any backlinks for them.

Here is a vivid example that illustrates this. When you search for the word “Today’s Matches”, you find that the Seventh Day website appears with a result that does not target this word in its main title, not even within the content, but due to Google’s great confidence in the entire site, it is competing with its sub-pages in some of the words that it does not target. until !

So your eagerness to gain Google's trust for your site is one of the most important factors that you must take into account in your work on any site. Here are the most important tips that you should consider:

1 . Make sure that your website link is on the active Twitter hashtags. The intense presence of your website link on Twitter will earn your site the trust of Google in a short period of time.

2 . Create an account on popular Web 2.0 and Social Networks sites like Diigo , Stumbleupon , Reddit , Weheartit , Pinterest Business .

3 . Allocate an hour of your time a day to interact on forums, answer questions, raise general discussions, and make sure that your username is the name of your site with the link in your signature and profile.

Factor No. 2: The percentage of CTR compared to its rank in the first ten results

ONPAGE SEO Guide 2023

Because Google currently relies on what is known as machine learning , which has become the controller in the ranking of search results without any manual intervention in the algorithms, the “click rate” factor on the results in search engines has become one of the factors affecting their ranking.

In this infographic, you will find click-through rates for the first ten results.

This study was conducted by Advanced Web Ranking:

When any of the first ten results gets a greater percentage than expected, Google realizes that this result may meet the needs of visitors, so it prefers it over the rest of the results. , but when number 3 gets a percentage greater than expected, which is 9.58%

Google prefers it over the result number 2, and if the number 2 gets a percentage greater than what is expected of it, which is 14.04%, it will give it preference over the number 1 and so on.

So you do not need to worry if you are number 4 or 5 on the first page, your direct competitor is not number 1, but your competitor is the one who precedes you in one position, and you should know that if you care about improving your page title, description and the rest of the factors that I will touch on shortly, you can take advantage of this factor to your advantage.

Factors that you should pay attention to to get the largest CTR ratio:

1 . Always try to have the title of your page in the form of a question, as Google currently prefers results that bear an answer to a question in the content, even if the result is not number one, which leads to obtaining the largest percentage of CTR from search engines, as shown in the following image:

Imagine that you can get more traffic than number 1 in search engines if you take into account the titles of your articles and your content to answer the questions that come to the user's mind.

2 . Addresses that contain question or exclamation marks get a higher CTR rate than others that do not contain silent text, as you can see in the following picture:

3. The page link also affects the user's choices, so try to have the link of your page with the target word only, as shown in the following image. This would suggest to the user the extent to which this page relates to the search process that he has done:

The third factor: the rate of users’ appreciation of your site’s content through participation:

This factor differs slightly from Social Signals, as it is related more to a simple equation, which is the number of shares your page gets for every 100 visits from search engines.

100 visits / number of posts = participation rate 

Currently, Google can track all your movements on the Internet through Google Chrome. It stores and protects all your personal data from searches and results preferences, and also tracks your movement within websites, all of which is explained inside the privacy protection text of Google Chrome.

Even if you don't use Google Chrome, using Android on your mobile phone will display all your movements on any other browser for recording as well.

All this allows Google to obtain more than 60% of users' movements on the Internet, which it takes advantage of in developing its machine learning system and developing its algorithms for search engines.

This brings us back to the share rate. Google now tracks every visitor from search engines when he enters a result and knows if he shared this page on any of the different social media accounts or not.

So, the pages and articles that get a large number of posts in the first 48 hours of their publication, you may find them competing on the first page for some difficult words that need a lot of backlinks to compete for them, as shown in the following picture:

This result obtained in less than an hour on 955 participation processes, which helped her to rise to the first page on the highly competitive word “Michael Phelps”.

This is what we mean by the Amplification Rate, and not just the number of Social Signals. The participation rate is linked to time. The higher the rate at the beginning of the article’s publication time, the greater the chance of getting to the first page, even if you did not get any backlinks, as the example before you, this article has got 955 Sharing process within one hour.

But how can you increase the participation rate within a short period of publishing the article, this is not easy, but there are some tips that I will share with you that will increase the Amplification Rate in a short period.

Try to pay attention to these points:-

1 . Post the article on your Facebook page of course if you have one

2 . Put at the beginning of the article a free offer that the visitor gets in return for sharing the article on social media. Do not hide any of the content of your site, but offer a free offer only to those who share the article, and you can rely on this site to implement this.

3 . The share button must be in a clear place for the user, so he does not have to search for it, but once he wants to participate, he finds it in front of his eyes.

4 . Some sites are now applying a very clever trick to take advantage of the sharing process as much as possible. When a visitor comes to a specific page within your site, you can show him your new content while he scrolls down endlessly

And that with the page link remaining as it is, this would motivate him to share this page because of the large and varied content that one might attract to share it, and this is known as Endless Scroll as is the case on the main SEO page

The fourth factor: The degree of relevance of your website content to the page shown in search engines

This factor is one of the most important factors that most site managers neglect, so the scenario is as follows: you create a good piece of content targeting a medium-competitive keyword and build some backlinks for it, but it does not appear on the first page in Google!

This is due to the Relevancy Score. If your site does not have enough content related to the target page, you will not be able to rank high in search engines on medium and difficult words.

So you have to take into account the following points:-

1 . When you target any keyword within your site, be sure to create more than one “article” page for it with more than one title with the same word and link them through the Internal Linking

2 . Always try in the beginning to have your site as a whole targeting one or several areas close to each other and not to blog in dozens of different areas, as this will weaken the degree of relevance of your site's content to each other.

3 . You can use the Endless Scroll trick inside articles to show new articles from the same section or the same tag, and this will increase the Relativity Score of the target article in search engines.

The Fifth Factor: Covering the missing aspects within the content of your site

Currently, the content that answers all user questions is preferred directly by Google, and this is very simply known to Google by the duration of the visitor's stay within this content and the rate of his frequency on it through the percentage of Returning Visitors.

Therefore, the content of your next article should be comprehensive, answering the main question or providing the main information and all the questions and information related to it, and this will make you produce a piece of content that is at least ten times better than your competitors.

When you create a comprehensive piece of content that answers all the questions, there will be no high bounce rate and the amplification rate will increase through audience participation of your articles on social media, and you can also increase your audience's trust and attachment to your site.

Here are some examples of content templates that are 10x better than their competitors that I consider to be comprehensive, responsive content models that provide a better user experience that you can benefit from in your next piece of content:

What Is Code

Android Which Phone

Principles of responsive designing

In these examples, you will find content presented in a different way that answers all questions and provides all solutions to users, attractively presented and provides a real addition. When you search for any keyword related to the titles of these articles, you will find them in the foreground due to their high-quality content and a great user experience!

Everything that was shared in this article is related to updates and Patents announced by Google, which I can say is the future of ONPAGE SEO, even if it is a reality we live these days in foreign content and in a relative manner in Arabic content.

Of course, the importance of the main ONPAGE factors will continue, such as: -

1 . Article title

2. Content quality and word count

3. Responsiveness of the site with different devices

4 . Website loading speed

5. The duration of the visitor's stay on the site

Etc …

But in this article, I wanted to present to you what the managers of major sites are currently interested in and seek to achieve within their sites, starting with Google’s confidence in the domain, ending with the value of the content and the way it is presented. I hope you have benefited from this post.

And I want to know from you if there are other important factors that site managers should consider within their sites in order to improve their ONPAGE.