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Procrastination and procrastination | Causes of procrastination and its treatment

Each of us, when he wants to do a certain thing, finds himself unable or lazy about it, which makes him postpone it, and this is what we call procrastination, which is one of the most annoying things, as instead of a person doing something in hours, he finds himself doing it in days or not doing it. never thing.

Therefore, people resort to searching for solutions and methods of treating procrastination. But before we go into that, we must first know what are the causes of procrastination.

Reasons for procrastination:

There are several reasons for procrastination, including what is psychological and mental, and what is external, meaning that it is affected by what surrounds it. So these are some of the reasons for procrastination and delay.

1. The nature of the brain:

Usually the thing you want to do is tiring or something difficult, so the brain deals with it on the basis of pain so it tries to distract this pain with things you love, for example get your work done after watching this match, or get your work done when I buy this pen and so on ...

2. Desire for work perfectionism:

Many people, when they want to do a certain work, think that something belongs to them, or that this thing should be better than this, so they want the perfection of that work, which makes the person a prey to procrastination and procrastination. Therefore, you should know that there is no work except that it has deficiencies or errors, but what fixes those errors is the perseverance in developing and fixing what can be fixed.

3. Fear of failure:

The thing that each of us hates most is failure, but there are those who overcome their fear and there are those who surrender to it, as you find many people who do not dare to undertake a work, project, or anything for fear of failure. But is there success without failure? Rather, failure in itself is considered success because first you challenged your fear and faced it, and secondly you gained experience and learned a lesson or lessons that will benefit you in the rest of your practical and social life.

Procrastination treatment:

In order to be able to get rid of procrastination and procrastination, you have to do some things that will help you to do your work easily without laziness, and also by knowing the reasons, you will have got rid of a large part of the feeling of laziness in carrying out your tasks, and these are some methods that will help you treat procrastination.

1. Planning and Time Management:

The reason for procrastination and procrastination is usually the large number of tasks and the randomness in their completion, which makes it difficult to do all these actions without organization. So every night you have to write a schedule of tasks that you will do with setting priorities and review them every morning and the most important thing is to stick to what you have set. This is a previous topic in which I mentioned the art of time management: how to be creative in managing time and making use of every second of your day

2. Reward yourself.

The reward method is one of the most important things that helps one to develop himself and get rid of procrastination and procrastination. All you have to do is, after completing the tasks that you previously set, as indicated above, is to give yourself a reward. Like watching a movie or series, or wherever that reward is.

In this way, you subject yourself to work to get a reward, not as you used to, because procrastination is about getting a reward for leaving your work.

3. Don't be hard on yourself.

Always try, dear reader, to be moderate so as not to rest too much and at the same time not to burden yourself. This is in order to be able to continue and because there are also limits to human energy that must not be crossed, otherwise the matter will turn from positive to negative.

In short, you always have to take things seriously if you want to become successful and reach your goal. So try hard to deal with procrastination and avoid its causes as well.