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Reasons for poor memory, and the 7 best ways to treat and strengthen memory

 Many people suffer from a memory problem, where they know a certain piece of information or an idea, and with the passage of time they forget it, so you find them looking for ways to strengthen memory and focus.

The thing that is necessary to know is that humans have two types of memory, "close-term memory", which is the part responsible for remembering immediate things and information that I heard for a very short period, and in this part of memory a person can store between three and four information for a short period at one time. .

"Long-term memory", which is the part responsible for keeping and remembering information for a long time compared to short-term memory. In order to be able to save information in this part of the memory, it must pass through the short-term memory. But many people find it difficult to convert this information from short term to long term. Therefore, through the following, we will show you some tricks that will help you in strengthening your memory.

What are the causes of poor memory?

Before we start explaining ways to strengthen and revitalize memory, we must first know what are the factors and causes of poor memory, which we must take precautions and stay away from, in order to make it easier for you to treat them.

1. Psychological factors:

Psychological problems such as anxiety, sadness and other disorders are among the causes of poor memory, because the brain is in a state of disorder and lack of concentration, which impedes the process of processing and storing information.

2. Lack of sleep:

The problem of lack of sleep is one of the things that have the most negative and dangerous effects on human physical and mental health, including the problem of forgetfulness or poor memory. This is because the brain does not get enough rest that will enable it to renew cells and form new connections to strengthen information and ideas. Therefore, one of the things that contribute to revitalizing human memory is adequate sleep. I don't say 8 or 9 hours, but the amount you feel you've had enough sleep.

3. Head injury:

Injuries to a person at the level of the head may be a reason for memory impairment, such as falling on the head or colliding with something hard. This is because at the moment of injury, the brain has undergone a trauma that leads to a change in the level of processing and transmission of information.

Tips that will help strengthen memory
In order to be able to remember information, sentences or anything, you have to do some methods and tricks that will enable you to retrieve that information easier and faster.

1. Link information to images:

This is because the brain can remember the visuals more than speech or hearing. Therefore, in the event that you want to learn a specific sentence or information, all you have to do is imagine those words in the form of pictures, in this way it will help you to strengthen your memory.

2. Sleep well:

As we mentioned earlier about the negative effects of lack of sleep on human memory. Therefore, it is necessary for you to ensure that you sleep enough time, which will contribute to linking information and strengthening it in memory.

3. Drink water:

Drinking enough water contributes to revitalizing and strengthening memory, because 73%From the human brain is about water.

4. Retrieval and Remembering:

The process of recovery and remembering plays an important role in revitalizing and strengthening human memory, because in this way you force your mind to work more and stronger. So when you are, for example, reviewing something, bring a paper and a pen and write down the things you have learned previously without looking or seeing what you wrote previously.


These were some of the ways to strengthen your memory, so be sure to avoid its causes and make sure to do these methods that will help you to have a strong memory