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Search Engine Optimization SEO | Top 4 Strategies to Improve Your Website

If you are the owner of a website and you want to double your visits, you should know the steps of SEO, through our article in SEO right about SEO and how Google works to improve the ranking of sites and double their visits.

search engine optimization

What is seo?

SEO , or what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or as Page Ranking, i

s the process of optimizing and configuring websites with the requirements of search engines, for example, Google or Bing.

This optimization of sites in search engines has the goal of raising the rate of visits, because SEO is the source of approximately 70% of visits to most websites, and appearing in the first search results of search engines according to the key words and terms that are used by Target customers to search for you, whether the search is related to companies, projects, or different commercial fields.

What are the benefits of SEO services?

The benefits of SEO services for websites are numerous, whether for corporate websites, e-business websites, or individuals’ websites, in order to improve their ranking in search engines.

What are the benefits of SEO services

Appearing in the first search results, which helps your audience to get to your site before your competitors' site and thus improve your search engines.
Seo services are one of the main sources of website visits, and they contribute to doubling the profits of websites by obtaining free visits known as Free Organic Traffic.

SEO services help you build a follower base for your business by targeting the audience interested in your business or activity, and helps you convert a large number of target customers into actual customers.

Helping to spread your business website among the largest number of audience, and the emergence of your work experience.

Providing the high advertising cost of marketing your website, whether Google ads or social media ads.
Increasing customer confidence in your business after publishing your service and your resume well to get a positive impression on your project or business.

Occupy the first results in Google with the words your audience is targeting without resorting to ads.
An increase in the visibility rate makes more opportunities for you to get involved, which increases awareness of your brand and is a great opportunity to convert potential customers into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Best free and paid seo tools
There are many free and paid SEO platforms and tools, which you can learn about through the following points, the most important of which are:

Google Search Console

Google Console
Google Search Console is one of the most important free tools that Google has given us to help us manage websites and optimize websites' search engines.

It also provides various reports to follow the status of your site, and provides tools to monitor the performance of the site and its compliance with the requirements of search engines, including reports, including the number of times the site appears in search results, the number of clicks on site pages, and the words used in searches for you.

This is in addition to the website's internal and external backlinks report and website compatibility reports with mobile browsing experience.

Google Analytics

google analytics
It is a free tool that provides analytics and performance statistics for websites and mobile applications, which includes the number of visits to websites, the source of those visits, and the identification of personal categories of website visitors:

Country of residence.
Average ages.

  1. devices used for browsing.

  1. Monitoring the average duration of browsing the website’s pages in addition to tracking the movement of visitors to the website and measuring the visitor’s session within the website and the extent of his satisfaction or the service you provide, in addition to the number of completed conversions.

  1. SEMrush

  1. Semruch
  2. It is one of the first paid tools that we need in order to optimize websites for search engines, and this tool offers the following:

Comprehensive site inspection.
Competitor analysis.
Innovative ideas to increase the volume of site visits.
Backlinks analysis.
Website visits statistics and analytics.
Content quality analysis.
Analysis and selection of key search terms.
Screaming Frog
Screaming frog

  1. Screaming Frog is a free and paid version that scans your website and checks for the following:

  1. Invalid page links.
  2. Check redirects.
  3. Analyze headlines and description pages.
  4. Duplicate content check.
  5. Create XML Sitemaps.
  6. Website Structure Analysis.
  7. Website visits statistics and analytics.
  8. Ahrefs
  9. Ahrefs
  10. Ahrefs is a paid tool that provides the services we need in SEO, for example the following:

  11. Check websites.
  12. Study competitor sites.
  13. Analysis and selection of keywords.
  14. Backlinks analysis.
  15. Content quality analysis.
  16. The most important factors for ranking websites in search page results
  17. Website ranking factors have been determined in search page results according to Google's preferences to improve your site and its various pages in targeted search results by searching potential customers for your services, products, or industry to get targeted visitors from organic search engine results. These factors are as follows:

  1. 1- Choose your keywords

  1. Keywords are the basis for the success of the site’s content, and the basis for the success of your content to reach the target audience already, so you must choose the targeted search words by your audience, and choose based on the volume of monthly searches for this word, by using many free tools, for example Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends , paid tools eg Ubersuggest , KWFinder , there are many other tools and sites for determining keywords for content and new content ideas for the site.

  1. 2- Content Quality

  1. Content is the most important factor affecting the success of the SEO plan and has a major role in on-page SEO, and this is the importance of content in any website, because the quality of the content and its compatibility with search engines, and its internal value is the most important thing that visitors look for and thus are Optimize search engines by increasing that quality, when visitors or potential customers search using targeted keywords related to the domain of the website.

  1. 3- Use search terms in Google's favorite places

  1. In order to increase Google’s satisfaction and provide good content, you must also pay attention to the positions of the words, and make sure to place them in the places where your website visitors benefit, the most important of which are:

  2. The main title (Page Title).
  3. Page Description (Meta Description).
  4. Page URL.
  5. Headings.
  6. Pay attention to text and visual content.
  7. Internal and External Links.
  8. 4- Page Title
  9. It is preferable to put the keyword at the beginning of the main title, this increases visits to your site because of your high visibility in search results (Click-through-rate), which is one of the most important factors in optimizing your site’s search engines, and it should not exceed 65 literally until it appears fully to the customers searching from the disk Top or mobile.

  1. 5- Meta Description

  1. Putting the keyword in the short description of your page is a necessary thing, because the short description appears in the search results, which leads to an increase in the percentage of site visits by raising the appearance in the search results, and it must not be less than 134 characters and not more than 156 characters until it appears in full, which is Contains the keyword.

  2. Meta Description

  1. 6- Page URL

  1. The Page URL is shown in search results and is a big factor in getting more traffic and SEO. It is as important as the title and description of the page, so it must contain the target keyword.

  1. 7- Headings

  1. The presence of the keyword in the sub-headings and headlines is also necessary as mentioning the keyword in the titles helps search engines understand the content of the pages and this helps them to rank the content of the page, which speeds up the indexing of sites pages, and thus improve the search engines of your site.

  1. 8- Internal and External Links

  1. You must put more internal links that are related to the content of your page on other pages, and this is called the internal links, and you should put external links to the pages with the target words on sites related to your topics, as this helps to enhance the content of the page, which makes it easier for search engine spiders The process of crawling and indexing, which improves the ranking of your pages in search engine results.

  2. links

  1. 9- Pay attention to textual and visual content

  1. Paying attention to the diversity of content within your website is one of the important things, no matter what type of service your service is, whether it is general content, educational, products, or services, this content must be distinguished by diversity, for example, writing articles, adding graphic designs, adding video clips or Videos, motion graphics, or audio clips, as the diversity of content leads to increased interaction with the content of the page and an increase in browsing time. Dwell Time is one of the most important factors that contribute to raising your site’s ranking and improving search engines.

  1. 10- Attention to the presence of external links Backlinks Quality

  1. External links - Backlinks are a positive signal from other sites to your site and are considered evidence of the quality, usefulness and relevance of your site's content with visitors to other sites.

  2. This is in addition to the fact that the interest in the presence of external links is one of the most important factors in the success of websites in developing them through SEO services and achieving the best possible ranking in the first search results.

  1. 11- Make the browsing experience for website visitors – User Experience

  1. If your browsing experience within your site is easy and smooth, you will achieve a good browsing experience for Google’s visitors to your site, and this factor is important to Google. Your site pages should be fast and not slow, as you said, opening pages was faster, not exceeding 1.8 seconds, with a maximum of 3 seconds only. More satisfying for visitor and google.

  2. There is a study that confirmed that 70% of visitors to websites, if the site is not opened within a maximum of 3 seconds, they exit and enter another site, and this causes a bad user experience, and Google did not improve the ranking of sites that meet a bad user experience.

  3. You can be sure that your user experience is effective and good if your site is distinguished by the following:

  4. Loading speed of different website pages.
  5. You should check the speed of loading the pages of your website does not exceed 1.8 seconds upon opening, which you can find out through the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool .

  6. You should also measure the loading speed of your website on various devices, whether desktops or smartphones.

  7. Ensure that there is no problem with the site codes
  8. You have to check that there is no problem with the site's HTML or CSS codes, and make sure that the site complies with global web design standards, and this verification can be done through the  validator site .

  1. Ease of designing the website internally

  1. During the creation of the website, you must choose a clear and easy design for the user, and you must create categories and sections with clear icons so that it is easy for the user to choose what he wants, and this structure makes it easier for you to link between pages, and recommendations to read similar contents.

  1. Web Content

  1. The content of your site must be sound and clear and not affected by ads, the presence of annoying ads affects the positive visitor experience to make it a negative one, and encourages visitors to leave the site.

  2. Therefore, you should avoid all the factors that can lead to a bad user experience by website visitors, and when avoiding the reasons will positively affect the ranking of your website in the search engine results for the targeted keywords, and these points are one of the most important elements that Google recommends for engine optimization Search for your site.

  1. website-content

  1. 12- The site is compatible with browsing from mobile phones (Mobile-Friendly)

  1. The percentage of browsing websites through mobile phones is increasing day by day due to the impact of mobile phones on the algorithms of search engines, as mobile-first index pages are crawled and indexed faster than web pages.

  2. Therefore, we recommend that the site should be compatible with browsing from mobile phones (Mobile-Friendly). If the site is compatible with the factors of the browsing experience from the phone, such as page loading speed, design responsiveness, and content with different device sizes, and screens, your website pages will appear in a better order in the search results. .

  1. 13- Review and check the site periodically

  1. Constantly reviewing and checking the site will contribute to improving the site’s performance for potential customers, in addition to the need to adhere to the SEO standards in content and search engine requirements and maintain advanced positions in search results. The review and examination include these elements:

  2. Ensure the integrity of your sitemap and txt file constantly, at least monthly, to ensure that your site pages are indexed.
  3. Verify the compatibility of the website pages with the desktop and with mobile phones.
  4. Reduce redirects to other pages.
  5. Deleted pages should be replaced with 404 Not Found page.
  6. No duplicate content or pages with the same title or meta description.
  7. Correction of programming errors, if any, in the development of the website.
  8. Monitor the loading speed of website pages.
  9. Working to increase the loading speed of slow pages and address the reasons to make them compatible with the requirements of search engines.
  10. 14- Interest in sharing content on social networks
  11. It is known that the great impact of social networks in promoting and advertising, by using them to promote your site such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok is a good and effective way, and you may find that a large number of visits to your site from social networks come through the ads that you publish.

  12. So keep making your content attractive to these networks in order to attract many visitors, and make sure that share buttons are available on your site because they encourage and facilitate the visitor to share the content he is looking for with his friends if he likes it.

  1. social networks

  1. 15- Add photos and videos

  1. Attention should be paid to adding images and videos related to the content you are presenting, as sometimes the reader gets bored of reading the texts, so it is useful to add expressive images to make it easier for him.

  2. We also find that sites that do not add any type of this media are difficult to rank highly in the engines, and the images preferred by Google must be as follows:

  3. It contains the topic title, summary text, and alternative content.
  4. They are of high resolution and small in size, and good file types for images are:
  5. PNG images are of high quality and have a large file size.
  6. JPG is lower in quality and also smaller in size.
  7. GIF is used for animated images as well as videos.
  8. It is preferable to compress the images before uploading so as not to cause the site to slow down
  9. Create a title for each and a description that includes keywords.

  1. How do search engines work?

  1. Search engines are different, for example, there is Google, a search engine, Bing, a search engine and other engines. These engines use mechanisms called search spiders or search robots, and their role is to discover the Internet and gather information until modern and advanced content is discovered, in addition to discovering new sites

  1. How do search engines work

  1. How search engines work
  2. These robots or search spiders start crawling sites based on the words targeted by visitors, and upon entering, they start navigating from page to page and continue to follow links from article to article and from site to site until they discover new groups through new links and new content as well.
  3. These sites or pages are then discovered and placed in a database of search engines known as the Index (Index).
  4. Thus, the pages are present in the search index, and when the researcher or visitor searches for a keyword in the Google search box, the spiders associate this search word with the contents that they indexed before.
  5. Then it sorts these contents and shows what is associated with the search word only in the search pages, where the search engine uses a search mechanism and complex algorithms in order to be able to extract the accurate results associated with the search phrase or keyword in the private search index, which is called index.
  6. Types of seo strategies
  7. There are many types of SEO strategies that search optimizers use to develop and improve the search engines for their sites in Google and get more traffic.

  1. Types of SEO strategies

  1. SEO strategy is the process of organizing website content by topic to improve the likelihood of appearing in search results, and tracking to maximize the chance of getting more traffic from search engines.

  2. Having an SEO strategy is also important because it helps you stay on the right track when creating content, so instead of just creating what you think people are looking for is wrong, your strategy will include a special part to create content that people are looking for (targeted content).

  3. SEO strategy is an important part of improving your site’s ranking because this strategy helps your content appear in the first place, especially in search engine results pages (SERPs), whereas if your content is unstructured then search engine bots will find it more difficult In indexing your site, determining your field of activity, and ranking your site pages as well, we will show you all the SEO strategies now.

  1. Types of SEO strategies

  1. There are four types of SEO that an SEO strategy can focus on:

  2. First, improve the search engines on the mobile version
  3. Mobile site SEO is an important factor to consider when creating your overall SEO strategy, and this strategy includes optimizing the version across all devices, ensuring that your site is available, as well as your site’s content and mobile accessibility, so that they can get the same Experiment and get the same value as desktop browsers.

  4. Where mobile optimization is very important, Google practices mobile indexing first This means instead of crawling your desktop site, the algorithm will use the mobile version of your site when indexing and ranking SERPs.

  1. Second, the on-page SEO strategy

  1. SEO here focuses on the content that is already on the site's pages, and how to improve it to boost the website's ranking for specific keywords.

  2. Third, the Off-page SEO strategy
  3. SEO here focuses on the links directed to the website from elsewhere on the internet, and the number of backlinks the site has from reputable sources helps build trust using search algorithms.

  1. Fourth, Technical SEO Strategist

  1. SEO here focuses on the backend structure of a website, such as a website link, where Google cares about technical setup as much as it does content, so this type of strategy is important to improve your website's ranking in search engines.

  2. Search Engine Optimization

  1. Top 10 SEO Tips for Your Website

  1. There are many different and new ways to raise your site’s ranking in search engines, and as we mentioned in the previous lines in detail, but I will now give you the 10 most important tips to raise your site’s ranking in a nutshell, and you must understand that these points are the ones that have proven their effectiveness in achieving better results for sites, including:

  2. Focus on content that is worth searching for in search engines.
  3. Choose appropriate and expressive titles for your pages.
  4. Focus on a lot of keywords.
  5. Focus on using external links.
  6. Take advantage of social networks to promote your site.
  7. Choose a good and attractive design for your pages.
  8. Offer interesting and useful content.
  9. Pay attention to how quickly the site responds on different devices.
  10. Add photos and videos related to the content.
  11. Make sure to increase your click rates.

  12. Thus, we have explained to you enough information to know the importance of SEO for websites, and we have also learned about the multiple benefits that benefit your site after improving it in search engines, so you should actually start improving your site actually.