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Solve low traffic issues on your website

 if your website loses its visit and drops its ranking in search engine results and you don't know why, now I present to you 20 reasons for your website's low number of visitors in the following article, in addition to:

Find out where this drop is coming from and solve your website's low traffic issues.
15 tips to get more visitors to your website again.

And all this until your site visits are normalized again; Because low visits and low site rankings are the nightmare of all website owners, especially after getting high traffic and making decent profits.

Solve low traffic issues on your website

Why is the number of website visitors suddenly dropping?

There is more than one reason for your website to drop in traffic suddenly, so let me show you the top 20 reasons for your website traffic to drop:

There are technical problems with the site that have not been resolved.
Server hosting problems.
Not constantly analyzing competitors.
Your site has poor backlinks.
Bad user experience.
Change in the structure of the site.
The quality of your site's content.
Choose keywords that are not related to the site.
Loss of external links.
Disabled redirects.
Google algorithms update.
Natural search changes (Trends).
Google UX changes.
Follow competitor improvements.
Poor distribution of advertising space.
There is no internal link between the pages of the site.
Your site is getting poor internal links.
Unclear descriptive information or meta tags.
Reduced time spent on site.

And now I will explain to you every reason in detail, follow me.

1- There are unresolved technical problems on the site

The presence of technical problems in the websites is a big reason for the decrease in the number of visits that the site gets.

Among the most famous of these problems, which cause significant changes in the number of visits, are the following:

Update robots txt files which prevents crawlers from accessing and archiving your pages.
Change URLs while updating internal contents.
Existence of invalid and non-indexed URLs
The lack of a fixed rate of posting which prevents search spiders from determining when to access your website.
There is an error in your sitemap.

2- Server hosting problems

Hosting is the most important key element for improving websites, so it is preferable that the server of your site has a large area…

This is because the volumes in the server to which the site is added if their size is small; A problem occurs because the server does not understand the number of these visitors, and there will actually be a sudden drop in visits.

And if your site is added to (Shared Hosting) with other sites, this is also a reason for your site visits to decline, because there is a slow response when researchers click on both of the two sites added to the same hosting.

And if your site is located on a remote server and constantly crashes, you must stop subscribing to this server, because this failure and the hosting error will negatively affect your site’s rankings, which leads to a decrease in the number of visitors.

3- Not analyzing competitors

This trap many website owners fall into is to start working on the site and choose highly searched words to bring in high traffic without analyzing competitors and knowing how they work and the keywords they target.

Therefore, you should analyze the competitors before starting with a tool such as Semruch or Ahrefs, and then do the analysis of the most important elements.

Determine your current competitors.
Study the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor.
Find out the most important words he uses.
Study the user experience of competing sites.
Verify the existence of any offers or any opportunities provided by the competitor to the user.
The number of archived pages of competitors.
Analyze the quality of its content and its rate of publication.

Importance of Competitor Analysis:

These previous steps are necessary to do well before developing the marketing plan, so that you are not surprised after working on the site that you are following the wrong path, for the importance of this step, for example:

Ensure you build the foundation of your site before entering the competition.
Knowing the most appropriate time to enter the target market.
The ability to turn competitors' weaknesses into strengths for your site.
Knowing the most appropriate ways to outperform competitors' strengths.
Discover opportunities that you can take advantage of to beat the competition.

4- Your site has weak backlinks

Many SEOs and webmasters know that building a network of backlinks to websites is very important, but they miss the main point which is the quality of these links.

So we find that links can drive traffic if they are links on good websites that are relevant to the business.

This makes Google see that you are more credible and improve your ranking, or decrease it if the site gets links on bad sites that are not related to your industry or business, Google will punish you and cause your ranking to decline.

Therefore, you should constantly analyze the links obtained by your site in order to avoid bad sites that are not related to your site, in order to raise your ranking again.

How to disavow bad websites:

Go to your webmaster tools.
Then choose the site whose link quality you want to check first.
Then choose links to your site from the (Search Traffic) tab in the side menu.
Download the links to your device as a CSV file.
Then check out which links are getting high traffic to your site.
Then sort these links and extract the malicious links or the SPAM in order to disavow them.
Next you have to collect the malicious links in Text.
But they must be written in a specific format (, and if you want to disavow all links that come from an entire site, you can write it in another format (
After that you have to save the file in UTF-8 format.
Then go to the Google disavow links tool and select your location.
Click the disclaimer links.
After that, click on Choose File, then upload the Text file.
Then click Submit.
Thus, you have finished sending a request to disavow your site from malicious links, and you should review the links after two weeks, because this takes some time.

5- Bad user experience

If your site's user experience is poor, you will lose a large percentage of visitors and lose the possibility of coming back to your site again.

Therefore, you need to have a good user experience that the visitor prefers in order to gain Google's trust, and a bad user experience is caused by several elements such as:

Page load response time.
The call to action buttons are not in the correct position.
The site lacks phone numbers or support addresses that facilitate the user experience
Site color inconsistency.
The size and shape of the font used is inconsistent with the comfort of the eyes.

6- Change in the structure of the site 

If your website is getting high traffic and you decide to change something in your site structure or update the design, you should be aware that this can cause a drop in your website traffic.

Because these changes in the site can unintentionally cancel something good on your site, and the change at that time negatively affects the site, so you should test every change before making it on your site, so that it continues to benefit your visitor.

I will show you the most important points to consider if you make changes to the structure of your site:

Ensure that the correct 301 pages are redirected to similar pages.
Checking the internal links on the site and their effectiveness.
Review the metadata and titles for the pages you are missing.
Analyzing the entire site to ensure its integrity through accurate tools such as:

7- The quality of your website content

The content of your website should be relevant to your industry, what your target customers are looking for, and it should be valuable and attractive to the reader to keep reading.

Choosing random topics and writing content in an unstructured way is a big reason why crawlers can't archive your site's content.

Therefore, you should pay attention to writing your content on main topics targeted with relevant words, in addition to placing these words in the most important places that the reader prefers in a non-random way, and from these places (the headline and sub-headings, in the introduction in the conclusion) in addition to using derived words as well.

Attention should also be paid to proofreading the language and spelling of the content before publishing, as proofreading contributes to improving the quality of the content, making the information reach the reader correctly without any errors that can change the meaning into different meanings.

8- Choose keywords that are not related to the site

If your site is old and you don't find any return on the words related to your field then you are here wrong and you should review your site words, your keywords may not be relevant to your site or your industry.

Or you use terms that don't match what your target customers know, and then you don't appear when many people search for questions or words related to your industry, because the search spiders can't find an answer or solution to their problem on your site.

It is important to consider your search behavior and compare this to the keywords that appear in your Search Console data.

So look at your keywords and keyword phrases, if you are using outdated or generic keywords, high competition keywords or low search keywords, or (not related to your industry) keywords you are following the wrong rankings and you need to update your strategy to be a strategy suitable for your site.

9- Lost external links

Another reason that may lead to lower search ranking and lower traffic is that you have lost a number of external links, you can check the links lost in the last 90 days using different tools.

For example , Majestic , Ahrefs , CognitiveSEO , if you lost a lot of links, this could be the reason for your drop in the ranking, and at this time you should ask yourself some questions:

Are you losing links across the entire site or only on pages where the backlink has occurred?
Are incoming links to your pages that have lost their ranking dropping?
Are there links to your pages that link to other pages with lower rankings?

After asking these questions and answering them, you will get to the solution. If the links related to your site are broken (broken) or missing, you will need to determine exactly where these links come from and know why they are broken.

You can then either remove them, replace them, or keep them, this way you can be stronger than your competition and take correct action before you lose your ranking.

10- Broken Redirects

If you intend to launch a new website, move to a new hosting, or make any structural changes to your site, you will likely see a drop in your rankings unless you have a proper 301 redirect plan.

Broken redirects have also been known to be SEO professionals' worst nightmare, so when using a 301 redirect, be sure to keep your XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and links up to date as well.

301 redirects are a signal to search engines that a page, multiple pages, or your entire website has been moved to a new address and not to the same old address.

If done correctly, you will not lose your rankings, and you will not be penalized for duplicate content because search engines are indexing the old and new web address.

11- Update Google algorithms

Google is always looking for ways to improve strategies and results by making changes in the algorithm or what is known as (Google Algorithm Update.

Many sites are affected by these changes and suffer lower site rankings, to avoid experiencing a drop in traffic and ranking due to Google updates.

Therefore, an effective marketing strategy should be used across different marketing channels such as social media platforms, advertisements, and other marketing channels.

12- Natural search changes (trends)

There are times when you may notice a decrease in your site's rankings in search engines, and those times are because

Google makes changes to the type of results based on user behavior.

For example, if there is a sudden increase in the search for a particular topic, Google may display the most recent results first and push the static content down.

And if your content falls into the second category, you will see a loss in your ranking, here you can find out why the drop is trends or not by taking a look at Google Trends which shows any changes to help you explain these discrepancies.

13- UX changes in Google

Google sometimes changes the user experience of search pages in different ways that result in lower traffic, because some search experiences affect click-through rate and impression rate, so when examining the user experience of your site you should ask yourself the following:

What does the user experience look like on your page?

Does the layout change often?

Are there a lot of ads in the interface?

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14- Geolocation

Your rankings will be different depending on the location where your audience is being researched, so if you check your ranking in one geographic area, you will need to check them in several others to get a more accurate and accurate understanding of your ranking.

Therefore, you have to go completely to target the words used by your audience in the geographical area that you are targeting in order for them to appear in the SERP results of the site you are targeting.

15- Follow up on competitor improvements

Chances are you're doing everything right, but you're still losing traffic and seeing your rank drop, and one of the reasons for this may be that your competitors are doing a better job.

So keep an eye on your competitors through constant analysis, monitoring their social media activity, link building strategies, and their content marketing.

You can also use tools like Way back Machine or Visionist to see what changes your competitors have made.

You can also use the backlink tools to see if they have new backlinks; Maybe they run their own SEO campaign.

Once you understand what your competitors have done to outperform you in search results, you should make some of the same changes but better.

16- Poor distribution of advertising space

One of the most common factors that leads to a decrease in traffic and ranking in search results is the presence of ad content in the wrong places that hides the main content of the page and hinders its visibility.

Therefore, you should divide the advertising space within your site in a way that does not disturb the visitor and does not hinder the appearance of your site's content.

17- The absence of an internal link between the pages of the site

It is possible for search engines to stop discovering and archive new pages on your site when during their crawl they do not find any other link from which to enter these pages…

As a result, you forget about many pages where you can carry important content inside, which leads to lowering your ranking and thus you will get fewer visits to the important content areas of your site.

Therefore, you should develop strategies for internal linking between your important pages on the site as it is part of good search optimization, and internal linking works to retain customers and enhances other ranking metrics such as time spent on visitors on the site.

18- Your site is getting poor internal links

Many SEOs place internal links between pages without regard to the word they are targeting in and how it relates to the content mentioned on the page, and this is a big mistake that leads to a low ranking of your site in search engines and a lack of credibility for the visitor, which makes him quickly exit from your site and not roam the pages other.

So you have to take care of linking related pages and preferably the keyword used is one already targeted by your audience.

For example, if you are optimizing a site specialized in cooking, and you have a page that talks about cooked rice recipes, do not link to pasta recipes pages, but rather link them to rice cooking pages.

This gives the visitor more credibility and through it he enters pages related to the same topic he is looking for, thus achieving a longer session on your site with different pages.

19- Lack of clarity of descriptive information or meta tags

One of the major mistakes that SEOs make is the lack of clarity in the meta information or meta tags for your website, they are one of the necessary things that benefit your site; Because they are used to tell search engines what information your site provides.

So avoid forgetting your site meta description and you should use more specific title tags that include your target keyword.

20- Reduced time spent on the site

Bounce rate and average time visitors spend on your website pages are two metrics that you can easily measure within Google Analytics .

When we find that this average time is low, this is a major problem with the site, although the bounce rate is not a direct factor in the ranking, but it indicates whether or not you are providing a good user experience.

So you have to make people spend more time browsing your content in order to be preferred by Google and improve your site's ranking and thus increase your traffic.

What is the source of the decrease in visits and the decrease in the number of visitors?

After you know the reasons for the decrease in the number of visitors to your website, you must examine to know the exact source of the decrease in visits, and these sources are as follows:

Traffic from social media platforms.
Visits through both versions of the website (desktop, phone)

Visits from social media platforms

You can lose a high percentage of the expected traffic to your website through social media platforms; for the following reasons:

Lack of interest in managing your site's accounts on social media platforms.
Non-participation in topics suitable trends.
Choosing the wrong platform that your audience is constantly using.

Visits through both versions of the website (desktop, phone)

You can lose a high percentage of expected traffic to your website if your site is not compatible with the mobile version.

This is after researchers have become more dependent on the use of the phone for research than the desktop, and for this reason, if your site is not suitable for the mobile version, you will lose a high percentage of customers.

Attention should also be paid to the necessity of adjusting the response of the desktop copy in terms of (speed, advertising spaces, writing the user experience in it, the design should be easy to use) so that your competitor does not occupy the highest ranking, so the visitor will enter it instead of you.

15 tips to increase the number of visitors to your website

You can increase your website traffic and avoid low traffic by following these tips:

 Focus on searching for keywords that are highly searchable and relevant to your site.
Writing valuable content of interest to the visitor in an organized and organized manner, so that it becomes a loyal visitor to your site.
Analyzing your site and analyzing competitors continuously is the best (monthly analysis).
Ensure the integrity of your site in terms of HTML - CSS codes.
Ensure that the response speed of your website pages is from (89:100) so that it is a suitable speed for the user.
Ensure internal linking between the most important pages of your website.
The presence of the call to action buttons in the correct position.
Divide the advertising space within your site in a manner appropriate to the core content.
Building good quality backlinks for your website on sites related to your domain.
Analyzing competitors, monitoring their content marketing activity, examining their backlink building, and social media engagement.
Choosing a good hosting suitable to respond to high traffic.
Your user experience is good.
Interest in adding your site to international and local directories.
Update the content of the posts on your website.
Use pictures and infographics indicating the topics you discuss in order to attract visitors.

With that, we have finished our next article about solving the problems of low traffic on your website and the source of these low visits. I also gave you 15 tips to increase the number of visitors to your website, and you can also contact us in a proper SEO to improve your website and increase its number of visits.