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The application of cutting the Internet from annoying mobile applications in 2023


Internet cut application for annoying applications


Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Say goodbye to annoying apps

Do the many notifications that come to your mobile phone bother you while you are busy in another application?

Are you embarrassed when messages come to you from more than one application and you do not have enough time to respond to all of them?

Our solution is in this amazing and outstanding application


How did this app originate?


Specialized engineers in the most important international companies have developed an application that makes you cut off the Internet from the applications that you do not want to receive notifications from, so the Internet is stopped from the applications that you choose completely, as if there is no Internet! And then you will open the Internet only in the applications that you want and choose them yourself


Application features

- The first and most important feature of the application is to permanently mute notifications about programs that you do not want

The Internet is cut off, whether on Wi-Fi or data networks

It is very light on your phone and does not consume your battery charge

- Its size is small, not exceeding 10 megabytes only


How does the app work in detail?


1- Install the software and open it on your phone

2- Activate the switch at the top to start the program

3- The application will tell you that it will cut off the Internet for some applications, so press “Done” or “ OK 

4- You will then be asked that he will use the vpn network to disable the Internet for applications that you do not want, press “Done” as well

5- After that, open the programs screen and select the applications that you do not want the Internet to be connected to

6- Select the type of internet that you want to cut off from the applications, is it wifi or data


Is it safe?

This application is safe and does not cause any problems in your phone and does not consume battery charge, so you can install it easily and start a unique experience in this unique application


how big is it

The size of this application, as we mentioned earlier, is 10 megabytes, no more. It is a light and smooth application, but its benefit is great


How to download it


The application is available in the Android and iOS stores for free and does not require much from you to activate it

Just install the app and enjoy these benefits and features


Do I have to pay for this app?

The application of cutting the Internet from applications is a 100% free application that does not consume any large Internet and does not require you to pay any amount of money



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