This new trend is very popular on Tik Tok, and you must have heard of it, as it has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, while opinions were divided about it, between supporters and opponents. It is not the first shout to be popular, as many shouts spread before it, including what doctors warned about. What is the internal shower? What are its benefits? Are there risks in adopting it?

What is an internal shower?

This technology is based on preparing a specific mixture, which works as an internal body wash, and allows the elimination of toxins, and also helps to solve the problem of constipation if taken before traveling, or at any time.

How to prepare an Internal shower

the ingredients:

  • a glass of water.
  • Two tablespoons of chia seeds.
  • A squeeze of lemon.

How to prepare:

  • Put chia seeds in the water
  • Squeeze the lemon and leave the mixture for 5 minutes. 
  • It can be taken on an empty stomach, as it allows the body to get rid of toxins in a natural way and to combat the problem of constipation with ease.

What are the benefits of an internal shower?

It may not be one of the solutions prescribed by doctors, but we cannot deny that it is an effective way to stimulate the colon. Chia seeds are a rich source of fiber, which makes this drink very important for digestion. In fact, 10 grams of fiber can be found in 28 grams of chia seeds, which equals two tablespoons.

What are the risks of an internal shower?

Because chia seeds contain very high levels of fiber, beware! Excessive intake of it at once causes discomfort in the digestive system, and more after that, this can lead to diarrhea and flatulence. Therefore, the rate of two tablespoons should not be exceeded, until the body gets used to additional amounts of fiber, and some people may be allergic to chia seeds, although it is one of the rare cases.

Note: To get rid of constipation, you should focus on eating fiber, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly.