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Top 10 Free Keyword Extraction Tools for Your Website 2023


What is meant by the term keywords?

The world of e-commerce is not limited to the buying and selling process, there are many details behind the success of the buying and selling process, and perhaps one of the most important details is marketing suitable keywords for an online store

through the use of search engines.

Of course, SEO strategy plays a bigger role than keyword extraction, but that doesn't make keywords less important, as they are one of the most important keys to the success of your store's SEO strategy.

Keyword mining is the first step in successfully writing content that complies with SEO rules or search engine marketing strategies to successfully appear on Google's first search engine results page.

Any appearance of your website or online store on the Google homepage depends on the use of the right keywords and the relevance of what Internet users are actually searching for.

There are many ways to successfully search for a keyword or target keyword (keyword research) and we will cover the easiest of them below.

This is what we will introduce to you in this article where we share with you the 10 best free keyword finder tools.

Top 10 Free Keyword Extraction Tools

There are many tools that help to extract keywords easily, and there are free and paid ones, and we will talk about the best free tools, namely:

  1. Google Ads Keyword Planner.
  2. Google Trends.
  3. Uber Suggest.
  4. Soovle.
  5. Keyword Shitter.
  6. SEO-Explorer.
  7. Keyword Tool.
  8. Keyword Tool Dominator.
  9. keyword Revealer.
  10. SEO Mechanix.

1- Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Google Ads Keyword Planner tool is the most famous and oldest tool provided by Google to help website owners and developers in extracting keywords, and it is considered one of the most accurate tools because it follows the Google search engine itself.

This tool also puts up new keywords and keywords in addition to clarifying the search volume for these words, for example if you want to search for a word (search engines) in the chart only you have to do the following:

  • Click Discover New Keywords.
  • Then put the word (search engines) in the box below (Enter the products or services closely related to your business).
  • Then click on get results.
  • A window will appear with the results for the word and its derivatives, the average monthly searchers for it, and the percentage of competition for it.

2- Google Trends

The Google Trends tool is one of the most used tools, especially for news sites that are interested in displaying instant events, and here comes the role of Google Trend, which captures the latest trends and trends that people are looking for for a specific event, occasion, date, movie or recent product launch and shows these words and how researchers use them in google.

If you want to know the latest news and the latest trends, you just have to go to Google Trend and type the keyword you want to search for, and it will show you laminated with a graphic exploration that shows the percentage of its appearance in the window, such as the following:

3- Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is one of the most popular keyword analysis tools for websites and e-stores as well, and it is easy to use and was released by Neil Patel, an expert in search engine marketing.

This tool provides several daily opportunities for free search for words in many countries, which makes you benefit from obtaining words from different geographic areas. If you search for the word (search engines) in Egypt, it will appear to you as follows:

4- Soovle

Soovle is one of the easiest tools to extract the keywords needed to develop your content plan and one of the most used tools by website developers in search engines. Soovle also works with several engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia,, YouTube and Amazon.

For example, if you want to know the words derived from the word (search engines), you should just type them in the search box, and the words will appear in all the search engines we mentioned earlier as follows:

5- Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is one of the best SEO tools with which you can find new keywords to rank for, keep track of your rankings and also keep track of everything that happens on the Google search results page and the search volume for those pages as well.

If you want to get derivatives of a specific keyword, for example (search engines), you just have to choose the language and country, then enter the word in the search box and then press the start button.

6- SEO-Explorer

The SEO-Explorer tool is one of the best and fastest tools for extracting English keyword plans for the site and you can use it easily. For example, if you want derivatives of the word (keyword), the following will appear to you:

7- Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool is one of the most important tools that you can rely on to improve your site’s results in search engines, and it is used easily. You just have to enter the word and then select the department and country, and it will show you all its derivatives and the percentage of search for it in the specified country and click on it as well.

8- Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator includes the 8 best tools to extract, generate and download the most searched keywords for use in SEO, you can find product related keywords in the most popular e-commerce marketplaces and search for niche keywords and long keywords in the most popular search engines.

You just have to choose the direction you want to search in, enter the keyword and select the country, and it is also available to specify the number of syllables of the word you want and the size you want.

9- Keyword Revealer

The keyword Revealer tool offers the best and easiest ways to extract keywords compatible with search engines and in more than one way, whether short words or long words, and it also provides you with the detection of low-competition keywords and easy words as well, because it displays the degree of difficulty for each phrase and analyzes the ranking of competition currently on The first page of Google.

If you want to get the words related to the word (search engines), you have to enter them in the search box, select the countries, select the language, and then press Enter.

The words, difficulty rate, search volume, and CPC will appear as follows:

10- SEO Mechanix

The SEO Mechanix tool provides many services that website developers need to rank in search engines, including the Keyword Position Checker that you can use to extract the keywords of a specific site and this helps you to make a plan with distinctive keywords as follows:

Thus, we have learned about the most important and best 10 free tools for extracting keywords for