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Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress

 Website developers are always looking for the best SEO plugins for WordPress to help complete tasks and solve various problems in a short time, so today we present to you the most important WordPress plugins and the 10 best plugins to improve your site’s results in search engines:

1- Add Yoast SEO

  • Yoast is the most popular WordPress plugin and used by most websites since its inception to speed up archiving and increase visibility in SERP, to provide ease of handling and provide various services such as:
    • Improved title and meta description.
    • Optimize your content by target keyword.
    • The webmaster tool helps to verify the website.
    • Create an XML sitemap.
    • Optimizing AMP pages.

2- Add Rank Math

  • RankMath is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that provides a large number of features that facilitate site archiving. It also improves content of all kinds, whether posts, pages, products or ratings, and provides it with written standards that are compatible with various search engines, and is characterized by providing the following:
    • Optimize image engines.
    • Google Trends Tool.
    • Google Crawl Errors
    • Central integration of webmaster tools.
    • Local search engine optimization.
    • Help in setting the context of the content (typing, setting keyword with content, logos, tabs, etc.).
    • Article outline.
    • product diagram.
    • Recipe chart.
    • Events planner.
    • Video scheme.
    • Local business planner.
    • Improve the description and title of the site.

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3- Add WP rocket

  • These are the best WordPress plugins that instantly reduce loading time and boost Google Page Speed ​​Score.
  • It is also used to speed up the site and the acceleration indicators appear in the results after installing this plugin on the site, which is the perfect solution for caching and optimization available for WordPress.
  • Also, WP Rocket can fix the following issues flagged by Google:
    • Pages that do not contain image elements or text.
    • Get rid of blocking resources that prevent pages from showing up
    • minify CSS
    • Reduce server response time.
    • Activate text compression.
    • Activate .GZIP compression
    • Servicing fixed assets with an efficient cache policy.

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4- Add XML Sitemaps

  • XML Sitemaps are the best tools used to provide information about the content of pages that help in optimizing the content of the site and to track and update the links that are crawled and archived in Google by tracking the full URL of your sitemap.
  • There are also two types of maps:
    • Variable sitemap I'm known by that name because it works automatically when pages are added or removed.
    • A fixed sitemap, and that map is the base of the site because it follows the main link and has only been changed by manual update.

5- Add SEO Press

  • This plugin is a WordPress plugin that is used by a few users and offers many advantages that help website developers to improve the site. It provides distinguished services as follows:
    • With it, you can add Google Analytics tracking to your site.
    • Make it easy to access Twitter meta tags and Facebook.
    • Add sitemap.
    • Improve pages.
    • Improved titles and description.
    • It can be used with blogs and online stores as well.

6- Add W3 Total Cache

  • This plugin is a WordPress plugin that is used by a small number of users and offers many advantages that help website developers to improve the site, because it is dedicated to speeding up the site, as it provides distinguished services, which are as follows:
    • It helps to archive content faster of all kinds such as HTML pages, JavaScript files, CSS files, images, videos, etc.
    • Activate minification and merging.
    • Activate the merge manually or automatically.
    • Server response speed.
    • Choose the type of cache.
    • Choose the process of reducing or merging the HTML file.
    • Choose a JS file minification or merging process.
    • Choose a CSS file minification or merging operation.
  • All of these special features provided by this add-on deal with the slowness of the site, which makes the site load fast.
  • But be aware that there should not be any caching-related additions, because if they are present with the installation of W3 Total Cache, errors and conflicts occur, and it backfires with the state of the site.

7- Add All in One SEO Pack

  • This plugin appeared in 2017, and it includes all services that are useful in the process of improving WordPress sites and has two types, one of them is free and the other is paid, and each of them has many advantages, namely:
  • Free add-on features:
    • The ability to modify the title, description, links and images.
    • XML Sitemaps support and submission to search engines.
    • Improving the site’s publications and pages by modifying and customizing them according to the conditions for appearing in search engines.
  • Paid add-on features:

It has the following features and freebies as well:

  • It provides the adoption of an unlimited number of keywords and thus provides the opportunity for search engines to pick up your site faster and increase the maximum amount of traffic.
  • Offers a customized sitemap for videos.

8- Add Broken Link Checker

  • It is considered one of the most important WordPress plugins because it specializes in checking and erasing broken links from pages, and it also prevents search engines from tracking these links, in addition to modifying links directly from the plugin page, without having to manually modify them in each article.

9- Add Redirection

  • This plugin is one of the most used WordPress plugins because it plays a major role in converting pages that appear with various errors such as (404 – 301 – 410 – 307 – 302) to an active page where these pages appear for many reasons such as:
    • Transfer the site to another hosting.
    • Transfer the domain to another domain.
    • Activate the SSL certificate.
    • Convert an old page to a new page.
    • Changing links is like changing a permalink from within WordPress.
    • Permanently deleted pages from the site.

10- Add a WP FAQ schema markup

  • Adding a WP FAQ schema markup to your site is a help factor for it to appear as it organizes the content and enables you to add various details in an orderly manner such as methods and steps.

Thus, you will be introduced to the top 10 WordPress plugins that can help you lead in search results and address many errors. You can also learn about many tips and tools related to search engine optimization by following our site continuously.

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