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Ways to bring visitors to your site without investment or SEO

 In this article, I will show more than one effective method for true SEO followers that you can use to market the content of your new site and explain the ways to bring visitors to your site ( without spending a single dollar ) and these methods I use on my sites and the sites of my clients and achieve great results, I will share some of them with you.

First of all, save this article in your Bookmarks
because you will return to it again and again to apply its practical steps.

The most important ways to bring visitors to your site

The first method was called: Reverse Traffic

This method, from its name, relies on the so-called “ reverse traffic ” and takes advantage of it to market the content of your new site very effectively.

First, subscribe to the site:

This site offers a very great service, which is to publish a Call To Action bar on any page on the Internet, yes you can use it to get hundreds of visits by marketing your site's content within the pages of other sites, but how is this done?

First: After registering on the site and entering the control panel

Click on Links and then New to add a new link,
and this will be the link in which you will publish the content of your site and market it to the public

After clicking Next, you will be asked to create your ad
or the Call to action bar, and this is what I will do in the next step.

Select the size of the bar you want to create and specify its location.
Choose the animation you want to display, then click Next.

Then upload a picture of your ad and I advise you to upload the logo of the site you are posting a link to so that the ad appears Native or identical to the content of the site

This will improve the click rate on the advertisement
as well. Name the brand after the site on which you publish the link.

When finished, click Next to be able to finish the advertisement for your site's content
by entering the title and the text of the Call To Action.

Determine the colors of the CTA Bar and make sure to choose colors that match the colors of the site in which you will publish your content in order to get a better CTR.

This will be the shape of the Action Bar at the end when the user enters the link that you share with him

In the end, you will get a short link that we will use in marketing your site's content.

How do you get targeted traffic from this method?

We will register a new account on the Stumb leupon
site and then go to the Submit page for adding new news.

Then share the short link you got from
and choose the sections that fit the content of this link and then click Save

Now, with ease, Stumbleupon users will start
viewing this link that includes your action bar, and
if the content is good and the offer is valid, you will get targeted visits to
your page or website for free and in a few minutes…

Let me show you how many visits I got from this method 

But let me show you my secret way
of getting hundreds of visits per day from this method...

The idea is to market your content within content that has already proven successful in the first hours of its creation in order to ensure a high rate of views for this link on Stumbleupon

So what I do is go to BuzzSumo Trending Now

Then choose the last hour and select the section most related to the content of my site from the left side
, and then I copy the link to the article with the most posts during the last hour

I'm going to to create a Call To Action Bar
inside this article which has already proven to be popular in the last hour

And then I guarantee from this method that it will also succeed on the Stumbleupon site
that works in the “More Likes = More Views” method.

When you get more likes, more people will see your page,
and this will also increase the chance of your site getting traffic through the Action Bar.

This method guarantees you a large number of daily visitors if you apply it well , and
specifically if you choose well your excerpts that you write on the Action Bar
, as it may motivate the reader to click on the link or not.

You can also market links
within any of these sites:
Gplus Communities
Facebook Groups

These sites, and specifically the Google Plus communities, will bring these links many visits as well, but when you share links from trusted sites and accompany them with an excerpt description that prompts the reader to click on these links within these communities, as in the following picture:

This post got 120 visits from within the Google Plus communities
and 22 clicks on the link in the Action Bar. Isn't that great?

The second method: Twitter Trend Jacking

Also, marketing your links to trending hashtags on Twitter
will bring you very good traffic.

In this way, we will interact directly with the audience

Follow these steps and you will get excellent results!

First, register an account on the Rite Tag
website, after logging in with your Twitter account
and entering the site's control panel

You will find a list of Hashtags that are currently on top of Twitter

After that, you will click on View All to see the full list of
hashtags that are now active on Twitter…

Then you will choose the one closest to your site domain, and for the sake of explanation
we will apply this method to the following hashtag: Quote#

As you can see in the following image, it displays the number of tweets
received by this hashtag during one hour, which is: 3.725 tweets

And when you click on the hashtag, it shows you the number of Re-Tweets
and the number of views of this hashtag per hour. These statistics are very important, and based on them, we will determine

Which hashtag we will use in the next step that will be more interesting…

We will go to the TweetChat website and log in with the Twitter account
and write the name of the hashtag that we chose from the RiteTag website

You will be transferred to the chat room that we will use
to publish the content of our new site related to this
hashtag, but in a very distinctive and motivating way.

This room is instantly updated with new tweets
posted on this hashtag you chose.

And you can comment on it or retweet it
from inside the room directly, and this is very wonderful
because it facilitates the method of work and greatly speeds up the process

This platform will help us bring in a large number of new visits and followers in
exchange for a few minutes of work, not exceeding 15 minutes a day. Let me prove this to you!

How we do it : Using Tweetchat to respond to conversations in trending hashtags, this will help us get targeted traffic and positive interaction with your new Twitter account also from Followers or Retweets for your next tweets.

After entering the hashtag you chose within the Tweetchat

We will start responding to new tweets in this hashtag as soon as they appear, the speed factor here is very important, all you have to do is have content related to the content of this hashtag and a template ready to respond to all tweets with a slight change.

This is the template I use to reply to tweets:

Just change the name of the person holding the account each time
so that the response is directed personally to him, which prompts him to interact with him

I do this dozens of times, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes
of my time a day, but I always get very great results...

I replied to someone and the result was great 

I just replied to a tweet he created about Online Business
with an article I recently created on one of my new sites.

The result was as follows:-

But he was not the only one, this method brought many Retweets

Even when you ask for it directly from others, they may do it

In this picture I asked Julia to publish my article with her followers and she did

But not only did she share it from her personal account
, but she also posted it from her work account too. Isn't that great!

But do you know what's cooler than that?

Apply this method daily for 10 minutes

He brought me more than 26 new followers in less than 24 hours!

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The third method: Show Up In Time

This method depends on the timing and speed of presence in front of the audience at the moment of discovering any new piece of content on the Internet, whether it is just a post on Facebook or Google Plus or a tweet on Twitter or a video on YouTube or even a new post …

I rely on this method on Awario

After registering a free account, you will log into your Dashboard
and start creating or Alert

We will choose Topics Alert from the options before us 

After that, we will write the topic related to the content of our site that we want to market, as is the case in the following image. I have chosen Quotes

If you want to specify a specific language for the Mentions you want to get,

you can click on the word More Settings and select the language

But we will just select the topic we are targeting and
we will click on Get Mentions to start…

After a few seconds, the results will begin to appear from everywhere on the Internet!

At the top you will find the number of Mentions that the site has been able to reach so far

You can also filter these results according to their source through All Sources

And choose the source you want, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Free membership gives you a maximum of 5000 results for each Topic and of
course this is very enough, we will not use a quarter of this number…

After that, the site will ask you to link your accounts on social media sites
such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube so that you can interact with the results.
Do this until we start our next step...

I will filter the sources so that I can specify the posts in which I will appear in the content of my new site by clicking on All Sources from the top

And choose the source you want to start with. In my case, I chose Google Plus

In this image, you will find on the left all the posts that talk about the Quotes
within the Google Plus site during the last 24 hours.

You will also find a so-called Reach for each post separately
, which is identical to the number of Followers of the account that published this post.

This is what we will seek to exploit to reach the largest possible number of users
by commenting on the posts with the highest Reach.

As in the following example:-

And you will do the same with the rest of the posts from Google Plus,
but make sure that your comment encourages the reader to click on the link on
your site or leave a wonderful comment that brings you followers on your account.

Also we will filter the results again and we will choose Twitter

We will respond to the tweets with the highest Reach also with a comment related to the content of the tweet so that its owner is encouraged to Retweet or Follow your account.