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What is energy therapy and how does it affect health?

Energy therapy or Reiki is one of the types of treatments of Japanese origin that has become popular in recent years as a form of alternative medicine, and has returned to occupy a large space in the world and to attract lovers of natural remedies. So what do you know about it, and does it really carry amazing benefits for you and your health? Let's get to know the most important details in this article.

What is energy therapy?

Bioenergy therapy is a non-invasive, non-medicinal treatment. It is an ancient science and art used by various civilizations, including China and India, to treat physical, psychological and mental ailments. This energy is obtained naturally from the air, earth and sun. This therapeutic method helps to control the disturbing symptoms of many diseases, as it is not a complete cure for the disease, as energy therapy is a partial and psychological treatment. This type of treatment is based on placing the therapist's hand over certain areas of the body to stimulate the body's self-healing capabilities, help remove any knots in the body's energy, and promote the flow of positive and healing energy from one area to another smoothly.

Energy healing methods 

The most popular types of energy healing methods include:

Reiki therapy

 Reiki is one of the methods of energy therapy that relies on ideas revolving around that a person has energy and can be exposed to some kind of imbalance due to negative thoughts or life experiences, and this energy can be treated by purifying, renewing, and rebalancing it through the process of transferring energy from a person who practices energy to another. The person who wants treatment, where the energy practitioner places his hands on more than 12 places on the body of the person who wants treatment, so that the energy is transferred from the practitioner to the patient or to the person who wants treatment. This treatment originated in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the year 1900, and although clinical studies do not support this type of treatment due to the lack of evidence of its health or efficacy, there are many people who receive Reiki treatment and notice effective results. for treatment.

Chakras treatment

Chakra is an ancient Indian word to describe the energy centers in the human body, where it is believed that a person has seven energy centers in his body linked to the endocrine glands and the nervous system, where these seven chakras are distributed from the top of the head to the base of the spine, and if the chakras are in a state of balance, they lead to The flow of energy in the human body, and this treatment is based on the use of techniques such as breathing and meditation in order to get rid of the negativity that closes the chakras, and strengthen the positivity that leads to the opening of the chakras.

Therapeutic touch

The principle of this method is based on placing the therapist's hand over or above specific areas of the body to determine the flow of energy in it depending on the temperature or texture of the area and other factors, and then touch it to re-flow it again using spiritual energy.


How does energy therapy affect health?

There are many medical and therapeutic benefits that can be obtained when undergoing energy therapy sessions, as they target the internal energy of the body and nerves. Treatment methods and their benefits differ in terms of the type of treatment. Among the most important benefits of energy therapy are the following:

Contributes to the treatment of depression

It has been found that energy therapy helps to a large degree in relieving depression, anxiety, and pain in some elderly people. It works to improve the psychological state by increasing the rate of positive energy.

Mood improves

Energy therapy may help improve mood, especially for those with chronic depression and anxiety.

It improves some medical conditions

Energy therapy significantly reduces the symptoms of various diseases, including tension headaches, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and other diseases of tension origin. It also has significant positive effects in controlling chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and others.

When do the benefits of energy therapy begin to appear?

The results begin to appear gradually on the patient, and it may take approximately 30 days for the results to begin to appear, but the patient should not expect miracles to occur, as this type of treatment is only a complementary treatment.

Are there any risks of energy therapy?

Energy therapy is an external therapies and does not involve any kind of surgery, so it may not have side effects except for people with certain psychological conditions when sitting in a slightly darkened room. It must also be understood that energy therapy cannot be a substitute for any conventional medical treatment