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Writing an Attractive Article Introduction - 5 Easy Ways to Introduce Articles


Writing an Attractive Article Introduction - 5 Easy Ways to Introduce Articles

Have you ever thought that the introduction to the article is a double-edged sword ? In the world of content writing, writers exaggerate in listing long introductions that tire the visitor from reading and make him not complete the article and leave the page quickly; Which is detrimental to the site, so I provided you with ways to prepare a good introduction to articles that are not exaggerated and at the same time achieve results.

Why write an introduction to articles?

Before explaining why, I just want you to imagine the disappointment you will feel after struggling to choose an attractive title for your article to attract your audience, and then spoil it by writing the boring introduction – the opening paragraph – that often fails to attract the reader and continue it within the article.

So you have to pay attention to the introduction as you pay attention to the title, because it is no less important than it, as it is a double-edged sword, either you make the reader continue because it shows him that he is in the right place. Or you make the reader leave the page quickly without benefit, and it weakens the improvement of your ranking in Google .

5 easy ways to write an engaging essay introduction

It's time to learn the 5 best ways to write a perfect essay introduction , so that you can use one of them in your daily writing, which will help you draw the reader's interest in your content deeper and achieve a better user experience .

1- Ask a question 

If your content begins with a question, it is a successful rhetorical tool; Because (the rhetorical question) arouses the reader's curiosity and makes him think, and thus you are from the first line that attracted his attention and made him think with you, for example the beginning of my article with you ( Did you ever think that the introduction to the article is a double-edged sword? )

Thinking here is one of the most important factors for actively engaging your articles, and that's a very good thing. 

Because if the reader thinks about the question you asked, they will likely want to keep reading to see if their thoughts match up with the rest of your content.

2- start with a story 

Stories here mean quick stories that can or may not get people to focus on events and details, and when you learn to write better content, you can instantly identify the main point of your post.

For example ( Bill Gates started his blog by writing various topics related to SEO and what made people love his articles is his direct entry into the matter “problem + solution” without words that have no value, so you should try writing in this style and take care of it as we will explain to you in this The article is about ways to write a perfect essay . 

3- Quoted sentence

You can also quote catchy phrases from topics relevant to your article, that quote can work wonders and grab attention in those crucial opening seconds. 

For example , “It is easy for the title to be perfect, but it is difficult for the introduction to be perfect.”

This method makes your readers feel more confident in your content as well, because you have given them an example or something the reader already likes.

This brings us to the following equation:

The more you know who you are writing for, the better this advice will be.

4- Think with your head to write an unfamiliar introduction

Playing a mental image in the reader's mind is one of the things you can do as a writer, so thinking and visualizing before writing is a powerful opening technique.

Therefore, activate the mental image of the reader by using words such as “ Imagine with me ”, “ Imagine this ”, “ Do you remember when ”, and the like.

This method is very successful, because the reader will feel that you are having an intimate conversation with him, and you are not talking to an unspecified general audience.

5- List the stats

Starting with an interesting result or a sure statistic that the reader cannot ignore is a great way to introduce articles, because people love discovering new data, but not all data only like it if it is unique, amazing or even shocking.

for example:

Google stated that 60% of Internet users leave websites after entering 30 seconds if the introduction does not meet their needs and does not guarantee the reason mentioned in the article.

Statistics must also be directly related to the topic of your post, and be confirmed by a reliable source, providing you with an opportunity to appear as a reliable source of information and statistics.

How to write an attractive introduction using artificial intelligence?

Content writers who want to find different ideas for their article introduction can now easily, by using AI tools that have made it easier to write an article introduction as it made it easier to write an article before.

Among the most famous of these tools that provide writing an article introduction and conclusion is also the Katteb writer tool , which offers content writing via artificial intelligence in addition to providing writing (article introduction, conclusion, news, creative content, real estate content) in addition to many other services that you can discover When you sign up for the tool.

Thus, you have learned with me the most important ways to write the perfect article introduction, and you can choose from among them what suits your audience, and you can apply them as we explained to you in the examples for each method.

And if you have a method to use in writing the introduction to your article, you can share it with us in the comments so that you can benefit others with this information.