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Writing user experience and its relationship to search engine optimization

Many people have searched for the importance of writing the user experience and its relationship to search engine optimization for websites, because they want to achieve better results for their sites.

 So. Let me start in my next article by listing the most important information about writing user experience, the difference between it and user experience, and how user experience has become a major role in improving your ranking in search engines, whether you own a website or an online store.

And now I will start with you by defining it and its importance for websites, follow me.

What is writing a user experience?

User Experience Writing is a type of textual content art, but it specializes in

describing all parts of the user interface of various electronic digital projects,

for example:

  • websites.

  • Electronic stores.

  • Smartphone Applications.

  • electronic platforms.

  • electronic software.

Writing this type of content is also different from the plain text content used in blogs and on marketing channels.

Where the UX Writer writes the content in the version available for various websites, and this content includes (all text in the site on the buttons, texts of the main and submenus, the introduction of error messages, instructions and directions on the site) and these texts are usually called the “ Microcopy” user/visitor guidance texts.

That is because the goal of the User experience content is to guide the visitor correctly through the interface of the site to reach what he wants inside the site in an easy and simple manner without complication.

Do all digital projects need user experience or UX writing?

Yes, all digital projects are in great need of this type of content, especially in the current era. This is due to the proliferation of digital products and occupying a large part of our day.

We find that the visitor always prefers sites or applications that provide him with the right guidance with clear instructions, which has made companies and institutions interested in writing UX writing in the design of all their digital products.

You can learn the concept of user experience in detail through the following


Best Examples of Good User Experience Writing

I will now show you the best examples of good User experience writing; So that we explain to you the concept of writing the user experience in its best

Best Examples of Good User Experience Writing


These are examples that every designer and team should know well, because the success of any digital project depends on the convenience of the user (visitor):

  1. Clarify the steps – Clear actions

The clarity of the steps is priority #1 for the user (the visitor), so writing your user experience should be clear with the steps; To make the user aware of what action they will take, what they require, and the outcome…

If you need to operate anything that includes payments, subscriptions and contractual obligations with your site, application or store, you must ensure the integrity of all those points from the legal authority before providing them to your site; To gain the visitor's trust.

For example from Bunq:

“Try for free!” and “Already a member, click here to login ”

And this sentence in Arabic means “try for free!” and “If you are already a member, click here to log in.”

Here we find that the user experience writer wanted to deliver the message clearly (registration is free in the program).

  1. The human touch

The role of the user experience writer is to make communication to the visitor as simple and easy to understand as possible, and humanization of the content is a big part. 

Because the human impression makes the user feel as if he is communicating with a person and not a robot, so you have to think carefully about how to talk to your visitor if he is standing in front of you, and accordingly write your content.

User experience writers usually make a big mistake, which is not choosing the appropriate color for the conversation with the visitor; Which leads to him losing him in the first minutes of his visit to you, so care should be taken to use a simple sentence structure.

Simplicity here applies to active and concise commands, questions, and explanations, and focus and care at the beginning because users put emphasis on the first content, so make sure the meaning is clear from the start.

For example from Duolingo:

Wait, don't go!

You're right on track! If you quit now, you'll lose your progress.

This sentence in Arabic means “All progress will be lost if I close this window. Are you sure?"

We find that the user experience writer here chose the human style and the message to be more personal, and this is much preferred by the largest segment of visitors.

  1. Brand identity

Imposing your brand identity in design and writing something expressive is essential, but your brand identity and personality must match all the expectations of your target audience.

Normally, users of health, finance, and legal products always expect reassurance, and Kraken is a great example of a finance-related app that has built an identity that speaks directly to its target audience.

  1. Humor and entertainment

There are many opportunities to use some humor in some areas that should be exploited well; This is to ensure comfort during your visitor's journey.

For example, the 404 pages, although they are not effective pages on the site because they do not actually exist.

 But it is possible by writing the user experience creatively, in addition to putting an action to convert to another page, through which you will gain many visitors that you can convert into potential customers.

I will show you an example from TripAdvisor , its content is smart, it has a touch of creativity and humanity together and in addition, it provides users with some useful solutions.

  1. Auxiliary Support – Additional support

One of the things they hate the most is that many visitors fill out their personal data inside forms or questionnaires, which becomes more and more errors when seeing the errors that appear while filling them out.

So the UX writer should make it clear with simple, uncomplicated explanations (or hints), eg showing what is right (or wrong!) at the right time.

Now, I will show you an example on one of the sites, WePay. We find that the password setting box on the WePay registration page has a simple message that includes information that reassures the user.

  1. aware of timing

Being aware of your customers' interests at the right time makes them more relevant to your site, because knowing the interests, needs and expectations of your customers at any time.

It helps you uncover what they like about your product to develop and keep fit, which is what we found in the Slack List view.

User Experience Writing

  1. Motivate your users

Attention must always be paid to motivating the user to complete the procedures, so you should share your product, it may appeal to your customers, and offer one of the benefits that they can pass on to their friends, and it must be clarified if the visitor will get a discount coupon or not.

Through short stories, visuals, or simply a sentence under a push-to-action (CTA), your reward will be increased product reach.

For example , the Headspace message, where we find its message expressing their interest in their visitors to stay connected with their brand.

  1. Content compliance with audience culture – inclusive

It is preferable that the user experience be in multiple languages ​​or at least the mother tongue (the language of the target country) and English, as the English language seems to be more prevalent in this field, and it must be compatible with both genders, ages, races, abilities, backgrounds, and different sexual orientations .

We find that Bumble is one of the best sites that now offers a number of options in “more “gender options”, which in Arabic means “more sex options”, in addition to the option to add your own suggestions.

Why is User Experience Writing important?

User Experience Writing is very important in web design; Because it is one of the reasons for high or low conversion rates.

It also directly affects the visitor's interest in the service or the product and

Why is User Experience Writing important

also affects his chances of purchasing it.

Many users log out quickly from websites due to its indirect content and complex design.

Therefore, the ease of the visitor’s transition and writing attractive content are two of the most important factors affecting the visitor’s stay on your site and the positive user experience.

What does user experience have to do with search engine optimization?

There is a great relationship between user experience and SEO, easy UX design for audiences with SEO ranking of your site is related….

This is because the goal of search engines is to serve the visitors by showing the sites that provide correct information in an easy and fast way to the


We also find many factors that search engines use to measure user performance and interaction with the design of your site, and these factors have a strong impact on ranking.

So, we will highlight these factors that must be present in UX designs in order to have a successful user experience:

  • Web page load speed.

Page load speed makes the user spend more time on your site, in addition to a higher percentage of conversions from users (visitors) to permanent customers of your site, and you can measure the loading speed through the Google Lighthouse or Google page speed insights tool to know if you need improvement or not.

  • Phone version response speed.

The response speed of the mobile version is an important factor in improving the user experience; Because the largest percentage of researchers are owners of phones, whether Android or iPhone, so it must be optimized so that you do not lose your visitors quickly and cause an increase in the bounce rate due to reducing the time the visitor stays on your site.

  • Availability of information needed by visitors.

The availability of accurate information that visitors need is an important factor; This is so that your site is preferred and spent more time on it, so you should avoid your site's lack of relevant content for your audience.

Because the information that the visitor needs and enters your site to know, if he does not find it, he loses confidence in your site and does not visit it again, which makes Google delay your appearance in search engines (for not serving the visitor).

  • The site is compatible with all devices (desktop/phone).

Google prefers the site to be compatible with all devices (desktop / phone) because it serves the visitor and makes him satisfied with your site while browsing, so he spends more time on your site.

How important is timescale in the relationship between User experience and SEO?

Measuring visitor time, or what is known as measuring the duration of sessions on the site, is a necessary factor in the relationship between User experience and search engine optimization, because knowing how long a visitor continues to browse your site contributes to either raising or lowering its ranking.

The longer the visitor stays on the site and enters more than one page, this affects its spread, and it will express customer satisfaction with the content of your site, and the extent to which the content is related to the visitor's goal.

Then it will positively rank your site on the first pages of Google, and I will clarify the three most important points that will benefit you in obtaining a higher visitor retention rate on your site:

  • Create meaningful and expressive content for each page of the site, in order to gain the user and maintain his focus within your site.

  • Provide high quality content; To serve the visitor in meeting his needs.

  • Point out pages within your site that are relevant to the core content, so you can benefit from the visitor's access to those pages as well.

What is the difference between User Experience and User Interface Design - UX/UI?

User experience is the measurement of a user's/visitor's interaction with a company's products and services, for example when a person searches for places to order food online.

The Google search engine here shows the sites that provide food service online, and then it tracks the researcher's itinerary until he enters one of the visible sites.

Then it starts tracking the visitor within the sites and whether the UX serves him or not, as the UX here includes (the user's interaction with placing his order on the company's website, the dining experience, as well as his satisfaction with it).

The user interface (UI) is the form of the display interface that users interact with, and it must purposefully meet the user's needs, in order to provide the visitor with a positive experience on your site.

This is in addition to providing this interface, an increase in the customer's entry to your service/product, and this will bring you high profits.

You can learn the difference between user experience and user interface design - UX/UI through the following video:

What are the most important areas related to the use of UX?

There are many areas associated with measuring the user experience, and these areas I will explain now:

  1. User Interface Design.

  2. Information Architecture projects.

  3. User Research.

  4. Project Management Project Management.

  5. Content writing strategy.