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Causes of burning eyes and blurry vision after waking up

 Waking up  in  the morning  with blurry vision in one  or both eyes  is very common, especially among adults of all ages.

Blurred vision may cause inconvenience and anxiety for the affected person, who may need a long time to be able to perform his daily tasks normally.

Most of the time, however, you don't have to worry about blurry vision in the morning, especially if you don't have symptoms of another medical emergency, such as a stroke, concussion, or head injury. Because if this is the case, and these symptoms coincide with something else more serious, then medical attention should be sought immediately.

Other than that, there are some reasons that may be responsible for blurry vision and blurred vision in the morning immediately after waking up, and we review the most important of them in this report.

Exhaustion and eyestrain

Spending too much time in front of screens or reading in dim light can tire your eyes and put pressure on their ability to function normally. According to the  Medical Consulto  website, spending a long time doing a similar activity and focusing on it entirely makes us more likely to reduce the number of times the eyes close while blinking, which is the important process in keeping the eyes soft and moist because it spreads tears on the surface of the eye to keep it clean and fresh.

Therefore, a person may need to remind himself to close his eyes several times, blink or blink a number of times, especially when engaging in an activity that consumes sight, such as reading or watching screens.

You will also need to take breaks and look around and look in open directions to avoid eye fatigue.

Sleep in front of a direct source of air

As is the case when sleeping directly in front of a fan or a window, the  Valley EyeCare Center pointed  out that strong air movement during the long hours of the night may lead to dry eyes during  sleep , even if the eyes are closed by virtue of sleep.

This is because the air directly leads to a   significant  loss of moisture from the body , especially on very hot and very cold days, which leads to dry skin  and eyes in particular. This can cause blurred and irritated eyes and blurry vision upon awakening.

However, the blurring should only be temporary in this case, and it gradually disappears after you close your eyes and open them a few times after waking up so that the eye moisture is replenished through tears.

Wrong sleeping habits

Sleeping on the face can cause a person to develop a condition known as floppy eyelid syndrome (FES), and this occurs when the upper eyelid loses its elasticity and gets stuck in a way that prevents it from moving normally.

This condition can lead to blurred vision and blurry vision in the morning after waking up, as well as excessive tearing and a burning sensation in the eyes.

Usually, FES syndrome can happen to anyone, but it is more common in obese men, according to Healthline.

Also, sleeping with makeup  without washing it carefully, especially eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara  , and eye shadow, may lead to infections and irritations in the eyelids and eyes, in addition to sleeping with contact lenses and not cleaning them or changing them at appropriate times for change. All of them are reasons that lead to the transmission of infection to the eyes, and thus the state of blurry vision is repeated when waking up from sleep.

Eye sensitivity

One of the common reasons for the problem of blurry vision in the morning, or in general during the day, is exposure to some kind of  allergy  caused by weather and pollution .

According to the Healthline health website   , allergies may cause itching, swelling, and excessive tearing in the eyes, as well as dry eyes, which leads to blurred vision after waking up.

If you have eye allergies that are particularly severe in the morning, the problem may be dust mites or pet dander in your bedroom and on the surface of your bedding or clothing. You may also be allergic to the detergent used to wash the bedding or a general allergy to air pollution or to pollen in the air.

herpes disease;

The Consulto website   also pointed out that cold sores that come as a primary symptom of herpes infection may move to the eye in addition to the lips and after areas of  the skin .

Such a case can be treated using herpes treatment products that are sold without the need for a prescription from pharmacies and supermarkets.

Side effects of some drugs and medicines

Antihistamines (allergy medications), melatonin medications that help sleep and treat  insomnia , cold and flu medications, high blood pressure medications  , and some other medications can reduce tearing during nighttime sleep.

Especially if taken before bed, as it may lead to blurry vision, dry eyes  , and heartburn in the morning, according to  Healthline.

Therefore, you must read the details of the side effects of any medical drug that you are taking, in order to take into account its symptoms and work to reduce their severity, such as using eye drops during that time until the need to use the drug ends.

blood sugar problems 

Extremely high or extremely low blood sugar can also be the underlying cause of blurry vision in the morning. However, in this case, you will experience other accompanying symptoms, such as dizziness, confusion, unsteadiness, and general weakness.

High blood sugar can be   an early warning sign of diabetes, so a specialist doctor should be visited immediately when these symptoms recur.