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Detox is the best drink for weight loss..Learn how to prepare it at home

  The term detox does not only include the idea of ​​losing weight, it works to rid the body of toxins that cause pimples ( acne ) and hair loss, it also works to get rid of gases that make the body feel tired and full, maintains body moisture and gives it the necessary energy.

One of the most important types of cold detox that helps burn fat and get rid of body toxins.

Cucumber and lemon detox

It is made by placing slices of cucumber in a large bottle with slices of  lemon  and green mint leaves, then adding a liter of water over it and leaving it in the fridge overnight, and drinking the next day in batches.

Detox pineapple with lemon

A pineapple is squeezed in the blender and a little  lemon juice is added , then it is drunk. A hot detox can also be made, such as  green tea  and lemon, by boiling water and adding it to green tea, then squeezing a quarter of a lemon over it and drinking the mixture hot.

Cinnamon drink with honey and lemon

By adding several cinnamon sticks to a glass of water, a spoonful of honey and  lemon slices  , and drinking hot. 

It is also possible to make a detox from water and drink it as a substitute for regular water per day, by adding your favorite fruits and vegetables to a liter of water, and to complete the nutrients, it is preferable to add  lemon  , mint and cucumber.

You should also pay attention to the quantities of fruits used in making the detox drink, because they contain sugars, and it is better to drink the drink with daily nutritious meals that help secure the daily nutritional need, and thus help to lose weight in a healthy and beneficial way.