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Easy remedies that relieve you of stress and tension

 Are you one of those people who often feel stress  and anxiety ? There is no doubt that you are not alone, in a study of adults in the United States of America, more than half of the participants reported increased levels of anxiety, most of them, due to the  Corona virus .

Manual therapy for stress and anxiety

But instead of wringing your hands anxiously, you can help yourself relieve stress instantly using your own hands.

According to  The Greatist  , using hand techniques such as jin shin jitsu, soothing hand, or reflexology can lead to relaxation and counteract the effects of stress.

Not only are high levels of anxiety and stress harmful to your mental health, but the constant feeling of emotion can give you headaches, nausea, insomnia, or muscle aches.

In addition to long-term risks such as a weakened  immune system ,  digestive problems , and heart disease . 

Here's how these handy techniques can relieve your stress.

Soothing hand technique

Applied to induce relaxation or  slow breathing  during panic attacks, this technique uses each finger to remind you of specific directions for breathing and relaxation , according to  the NHS .

How do I do the soothing hand technique?

Here each finger represents an action that helps you calm racing thoughts and breathe. First hold your thumb, become aware of your feelings, and accept that you can now begin to control your response.

Next, move into a sighing phase by  holding  your index finger, breathing in deeply, letting your body relax completely, and then getting up again when you're ready.

Then move to the middle finger, and take a slow deep breath, before returning to the ring finger, and exhale.

You can repeat these steps as often as needed.

How does this practice help in case of anxiety and stress?

Deep breathing stimulates the full exchange of oxygen, which slows the heart rate and stabilizes  blood pressure , and focusing on breathing helps to avoid stress.

Jin Shin Jitsu Technique

You've probably never heard of this Japanese healing practice. It was pioneered by teacher Hiro Murai in the early 20th century.

Jin Shin Jitsu aims to balance your body's energy system for healing and restoring harmony.

To do this, Shin Jitsu practitioners use their hands to apply pressure to 26 safe energy points on both sides of the body (similar to acupressure and acupressure techniques).

When you press in these places, the congested places start to open up and the energy seeps in unhindered again, so the body can perform its functions optimally.

How do I do Jin Shin Jitsu?

A specific technique that everyone can practice is to gently grab the entire index finger to reduce fear.

Wrap the fingers of one hand around the index finger of the other hand, so that they are completely covered in the palm of your hand. You will feel a slight pulse here. 

It is not necessary to close your eyes, but you can if it makes you feel comfortable, the point of this practice is to make you feel good.

How does this practice help in case of anxiety and stress?

In addition to being very relaxing, it works on your feelings and emotions, allows you to reconnect with the global energy rhythm and consciousness, and helps calm the nervous system and mind, similar to meditation.


Although this practice was introduced to the Western world during the early 20th century, it is not new at all, as reflexologists use the charts of the feet to guide them while applying  pressure  on certain areas.

Reflexology is pressure on areas of the feet or hands, which generally helps to relax and relieve psychological symptoms, such as stress and anxiety, and promotes sleep, according to the Mayoclinic  medical website. 

Reflexologists apply some degree of pressure to specific areas of the hands, feet, or ears, the idea being that these specific areas are associated with different organs and systems in the body to stimulate their health.

How do I do reflexology?

Use your thumb to press firmly along the arc line above the base of the thumb of your other hand, on your palm, and just below the heart line (the top line drawn on your palm).

Next, press firmly on the line on the knuckle of the thumb, and move to the end of the finger.

Then move to the base of the hand and move along it until you reach the opposite side.

To get the most out of this practice, it is recommended to work on both hands for five minutes a day.

How does this practice help in case of anxiety and stress?

It is believed that reflexology puts the body in a state of homeostasis, where all the systems of the body balance together, as there are in each hand and foot about 7 thousand nerve endings linked to the brain, and it is said that there are also energy channels that flow from the hands and feet to the different parts of the body.

Finally, these three unique techniques are quick and easy to turn to when you need to calm your stress.