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How to prepare the famous Spain cake with lemon and olive oil

  Since Spain, especially southern Andalusia, is famous for producing delicious olives, there is no doubt that it has meals or desserts that depend mainly on its oil, which we will find in the lemon and olive oil cake, which is one of the most famous and prepared sweets on most occasions . 

Spanish lemon and olive oil cake

The Spaniards usually eat this cake after dinner or as an afternoon snack along with a cup of  coffee  or a cup of  tea , in addition to that you can replace  the lemon flavor  with other flavors you prefer, such as orange, carrots or almonds.

Preparation timecooking timeQuantity
15 minutes30 minutes4 persons

Spanish lemon and olive oil cake ingredients

Multipurpose flour3 cups
baking powder3 spoons
Green lemon peeltwo tablespoons
Lemon juice  Half a cup
Original olive oilHalf a cup
buttertwo tablespoons
ground almondsHalf a cup
Yogurta cup and a half

How to make a Spanish lemon and olive oil cake

The first step  We start by preheating the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.

Step two  Meanwhile, we mix the flour with ground almonds, sugar  and baking powder in a bowl together, then add the lemon peel to them and mix it well with our hands.

Step three  In a separate bowl, put  the beaten eggs  with sugar and lemon juice, and finally add the olive oil, mix it, then put it on top of the first mixture, and continue mixing well using a spoon.

Step four  We put  butter paper  in the oven tray, then add the mixture to it and put it in the oven for 30 minutes until it is ready to eat.