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Indomie.. the adoration of the masses and the enemy of mothers!


Indomie.. the adoration of the masses and the enemy of mothers!

 Asian food was able to gain wide popularity all over the world, thanks to the fact that it contains a

 variety of flavors and foods that we do not find in the rest of the world’s other kitchens, starting from the sweet and salty taste, ending with bringing them together in the same dish.

One of the most famous Asian meals that occupied the Indomie world, which can be considered a favorite dish for many people, especially children. This meal has received a lot of accusations about causing diseases, especially from mothers who consider it their sworn enemy.

How did you get to us, and how did you get such great fame, and are these accusations true or false? 

Indomie origin

Indomie is the most famous instant noodles or as it is called noodles in the world today, and the Indonesian company “Indofood Success Makmur” is the parent company and the original manufacturer of it, hence the name, where “Indo” is taken from Indonesia and “Mi” is taken from the word noodles in Indonesian .

The production of this type of instant noodles began for the first time in Indonesia since 1969, and it first started with the flavor of chicken broth. Its preparation and its ease depended on millions of people as easy-to-prepare and quick food, to the extent that it was not until 1982 that flavors other than chicken broth began to be introduced to suit diversity and tastes more.

Indomie components

Indomie contains:

1. Chinese salt or what is known as monosodium glutamate.

2. Little vitamins, proteins and minerals.

3. Rich in carbohydrates, calories and fats.

Rumors followed Indomie

Indomie's fame increased greatly, which reflected positively on Indonesia and its economy, but soon many competitors appeared, including some affected by this wide fame, which explains the emergence of many rumors that began to pursue Indomie to scare people of them, taking advantage of some people's ignorance of some terms and names that consist Including Indomie, which alienated people from it because of the horror stories that people started circulating.

The most famous rumors about Indomie

1.  Rumors that it was made from animal bones instead of the original vermicelli dough

This rumor circulated a lot, and many fabricated videos began to appear on this subject, and it spread all over the world, but the Indomie company defended itself, stating that nothing could happen to all food authorities in the world and in all countries like this; And if it was discovered, even once, it would be enough to close down the Indomie company forever and fine it huge international money.

Thus, we find that no one has objected to Indomie products in the world until today, in all parts of the world from Australia and Asia to the Americas, through Africa and Europe.

2.  Rumors about the terrible harm of monosodium glutamate (MSG):

This rumor had a great impact on people as a silent killer or destroyer of brain cells, children's growth and intelligence, and memory destroyer.

As for what this substance is, this is a quick overview. It is a salt composed of sodium, glutamate, derived from glutamic acid, one of the amino acids that make up protein. Therefore, glutamate is found naturally in meat, poultry, fish, dairy, breast milk, and other foods.

This substance is also known by other names such as: (Accent - Vitzen - Ajinomoto), and this substance has been used since ancient times in Asian cuisine as a flavor enhancer and was used in the form of seaweed extract.

Although its use is associated with Asian cuisine, it is now widely used in many foods and in fast food restaurants in most countries of the world.

However, it was found through medical conditions monitored by some health authorities in some countries that they can cause some people to have some symptoms, which are commonly known as Chinese restaurant syndrome, such as:

  • Headache  _
  • · blushing
  • sweating
  • A feeling of tightness in the face area
  • Numbness and burning in the mouth
  • Increased heart rate
  • ·pain in chest
  • · Shortness of breath
  • · nausea

This led to many studies aimed at evaluating the safety of this substance and the safety of its use. After evaluation by the regulatory authorities and international bodies concerned with food safety, monosodium glutamate is a safe additive to the extent that many of these authorities do not see the need to set limits on the amount that is consumed.

In America, this substance has been included since 1959 in the list of “substances classified as generally safe.”

Studies funded by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1995 AD show that it is not clear whether this substance is related to some of the diseases it is rumored to cause, such as Alzheimer’s and some other neurological diseases.

As for the substance in its few limited quantities, it is under what is permitted and is present in many foods already, and that some of the symptoms that may affect certain people are due to his sensitivity to that substance and not to anything in it itself.

Rumors about the weakness of Indomie's food ingredients

 The company has recently tried to compensate for this by adding some parts of vegetables to the meal, but the fact remains that Indomie is closer to pasta in its basic carbohydrate composition, whose starches often cause obesity with time and with the persistence of eating it as if it was (meal) enough at one time, which is what it does Unfortunately, many mothers are with their children because of the ease and speed of preparation with the cheap price, as well as many students and bachelors

Therefore, to get rid of the negative effect of eating Indomie, especially as a meal, it is preferable to serve it with other important nutritional supplements, such as some vegetables such as peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, or some meat or chicken.

Some side effects of Indomie

These symptoms may occur with a significant increase in the rate of Indomie intake:

Increasing their intake leads to an increase in salt, which in turn leads to an increase in sodium, and edema appears.

It affects the kidneys and the heart.

The liver and lymph nodes are enlarged.

Cause strokes and stomach cancer.

In children, it causes many long-term problems (heart, liver, and brain).

It also leads to high blood pressure in general and in the pregnant mother as well.

Some tips to take advantage of Indomie

· It is preferable not to use all the attachments with Indomie, such as flavors, sauces, etc., but a small amount of them, not more than half, can be used.

In the field of preserved commercial food and drink, it is hoped not to overdo it, nor to consider it as basic or daily food, or to stick to it.

In the end, we can reassure people that periodic detection, globally and locally, remains the safety and control factor of samples that can be reassured and relied upon, especially with the very wide spread of Indomie due to its cheap price.