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Reasons to kill a man's sex drive!

 Reasons to kill a man's sex drive!

 There is no ideal number of times a man should have sex , but when the desire or pleasure diminishes, some contemplation is required. The causes of low  sexual desire for men are varied, some of which are easy to treat, while others require medical advice.  

While it is not possible to ascertain what culprit reduces or kills the sex drive, there are a number of suspected causes; It may be related to health or are other causes.

Reasons for low libido in men

Psychological factors, smoking, alcohol, obesity and drugs all affect a man's sexual health.

Low testosterone level 

Hormones , like everything else in the body, are subject  to the principle of moderation; That is, it's not too high, not too low, but just right.

When sex hormones, including testosterone, change, so does the state of sexual desire.

Testosterone  acts as a fuel for sex drive, and low sex drive may be due to a lack of testosterone in some people, and low sex  drive may not affect  libido  in some people either.

 It is also normal for men's testosterone levels to decrease gradually with age.

Stress and tension lower sex drive

When  the body  feels stress  and tension, the level of the hormone cortisol rises, which is a killer of the mood, and discourages the secretion of testosterone (male hormone), which affects the erection.

Stress, of course, affects physical functions, including sexual desire and sexual performance .

In order to overcome stress and tension, the stressors that cause it must be recognized and try to deal with or avoid them.

And if it is not possible to overcome these causes, it is okay to learn how to manage the stress itself through the practice of yoga, breathing exercises, or meditation.

drink alcohol

Excessive drinking on a regular basis kills your sex drive and can also lead to low testosterone levels.

In this case, of course, the effect will also appear on the strength of the erection.

Alcohol also affects   the level of  estrogen , and if it increases, the manifestations of femininity will gradually begin to appear on men's bodies.

You may actually need to see a doctor if you are addicted to alcohol.

Some drugs have a negative effect

There are some medications that show side effects in the form of  decreased libido .

 There are many medications that fall under this category, including high  blood pressure medications and antidepressants.

There are also allergy medications   , antihistamines, decongestants, medications to treat an enlarged prostate, chemotherapy medications, and pain relievers.

If you are already taking medications that affect your sex drive, you should talk to your doctor about alternatives or other solutions.

Less sleep = less desire

Sleep problems can cause   sexual problems, as lack of sleep causes fatigue and stress, and this in turn is reflected in the level of testosterone, which reduces sex drive.

As if it is a closed loop, having sex  before bed helps you sleep better, and sleeping better helps produce testosterone and increase  sexual desire .

Sleep apnea is also one of the biggest causes of not sleeping well at night, and therefore the problem must be treated from the ground up in order to reach a solution to the lack of desire and sex drive.

Depression and sexual dysfunction.. a vicious circle

If a man suffers from ED, he may become stressed and depressed, making him less inclined to engage in sexual activity for fear of failing to achieve an erection.

As mentioned earlier, some medications, including some (but not all) antidepressants, can lower libido.

This doesn't mean you have to stop treating your symptoms to raise your libido, so talk to your doctor if you're concerned that medication is the culprit, so he might find an alternative prescription.


Obesity and overweight can affect   libido, lower sexual enjoyment, and performance.

Obesity may also stand in the way of doing a position you prefer, and of course it has an effect on your stamina.

Excess body fat can also lower the level of testosterone and create erection problems.

It is possible that you are not satisfied with the shape of your body, which affects you psychologically, and makes you avoid  sex .

There are many good reasons to change your diet and exercise more, but having a better sex life is probably the strongest motivation to start.

Thyroid problems have an effect on sex drive

If you suffer from thyroid disease   or abnormal levels of thyroid hormones, this can take a significant toll on your sex drive.

Hypothyroidism may affect your metabolism (the burning of food), which in turn slows the production of sex hormones.

As for  men  who suffer from hypothyroidism, they usually suffer from baldness, low testosterone, enlarged breasts, and loss of muscle mass, in addition to, of course,  a decrease in sexual desire .