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The benefits of eating spicy foods will amaze you!

The benefits of eating spicy foods will amaze you!


If you start  salivating  at the thought of jalapeño peppers or  chili sauce  and hot spices and feel happy when you eat them, these are signs that you are a  spicy food addict . It is very likely that you have a spice cabinet stocked with a variety of ground peppers to ensure that spicy flavor is present in the various dishes you prepare.

Fortunately for those who love spicy foods, spicy dishes can be found in a variety of international cuisines, including Thai, Indian, and Mexican dishes, to name a few.

This shows us just how universal the love for spicy food is and how versatile peppers can be.

But have you ever stopped to think about what hot spices do to your body? Read on to find out the health benefits of eating  spicy foods , in moderation for sure.

Eating spicy food may help control the pain

Some people do not enjoy spicy food because they find eating it unpleasant and, in some cases, painful. Interestingly, however, eating foods that contain a lot of heat each day may help you feel less pain, revealed dietitian  Mitchell Wright , explaining that the potential for eating spicy food to relieve some sources of pain is well documented in academic research. Who knew hot sauce had this kind of power?

Foods high in capsaicin can target a chemical within  the brain  known as substance P, which plays a role in the pain your body feels from injuries. Several  studies  have indicated that by targeting this substance, capsaicin may be able to reduce the amount of pain due to injuries.

Eating spicy food helps in losing weight

It's not easy to lose  weight , and in order to do so, you have to make permanent changes to your diet and  exercise habits  as well as your lifestyle, according to  Harvard Medical School . Also, adding a little jalapeno to your food is not harmful and may help you lose some weight.

If you eat spicy food every day, there is a good chance that it will help you lose weight or maintain it in the long run. This is because one of the most common ingredients in spicy food (capsaicin) has been researched and shown to aid weight loss and help maintain weight loss, as reported by  Cambridge .

However, that doesn't mean that the spices cancel out the calories in your spicy butter chicken or shrimp recipe. Although you still need to control the number of  calories  in your diet to lose weight, adding capsaicin has been shown to help jumpstart your metabolism, and this can cause a lasting change in your body.  

Eating spicy food may boost your immune system

If there's one thing 2020 has proven, it's that having  a strong and healthy immune system  is one of the most important things in life. This may explain why so many people do everything they can to boost their body's natural defenses, including taking nutritional supplements and eating a healthy diet.

If you're going all out to boost your immunity, you may also want to consider eating spicy foods as they are an all-around immune system booster . Spices also contain antioxidants that protect against bacteria and microbes that enter the body. 

In fact, this is why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton eats fresh chili peppers every day. It's something she started doing after reading an article about the benefits it can provide the body,  Clinton told NPR  . 

Eating spicy food can prevent peptic ulcers

If you've ever had a peptic ulcer, you might be tempted to think that the culprit is that hot sauce you pour over your pasta. But it turns out that the belief that eating spicy foods daily can cause ulcers is a misconception.

Contrary to popular belief,  multiple studies show  that capsaicin actually suppresses acid production in the stomach. In fact, capsaicin has been considered as a drug to prevent ulcer development in people who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, according to the  U Chicago Medicine website .

The true causes of ulcers are a world away from spicy foods. H. pylori is   one of the most common causes of ulcers, which clears hot peppers of any ulcer-related crimes.

Eating spicy food is good for fighting cancer

Cayenne pepper and Scots are not the only spices that help the body. Turmeric , which is found especially in Indian cuisine is also an excellent choice in the spice world with many health benefits . According to  HuffPost , “Curcumin has amazing effects on  cancer cells , and there is good laboratory evidence that it works in reducing the growth of cancer cells and preventing cancer cells as well.”  

But we would be remiss not to mention the  cancer -fighting power of capsaicin—the ingredient that gives hot peppers their unique flavour— . According to a study  published in the Canadian Journal of  Urology , capsaicin was able to kill 80 percent of prostate cancer cells in rodents without causing any harm to healthy cells. 

As nutritionist  Pamela Becky explains  to Considerable, "Capsaicin blocks cancer cells." This does not mean that curcumin and capsaicin are alternatives to medical care, of course, but they are certainly good options that are worth adding to your food.

You may crave less sugar if you eat spicy food 

For most people, it's healthy to eat  natural sugars  like those found in fruit in moderation. However, consuming  added or processed sugar  can lead to a host of health problems, such as  heart disease  , diabetes  and some types of  cancer ,  according to  Harvard Medical School .

Fortunately, people who eat spicy foods every day may find that their sugar cravings are reduced.  

If you eat spicy food, you may live longer

Undoubtedly, most people aspire to live a long, healthy and happy life filled with love and wealth. Science says spicy foods can increase longevity, according to a study published in  The BMJ . The study authors noted: “In this large prospective study, habitual consumption of spicy foods was inversely associated with overall mortality, independent of other risk factors for death. And the more spicy foods you consume, the better.”

The authors added: “Compared to those who ate spicy foods less than once a week, those who ate spicy foods six or seven days a week showed a 14% relative reduction in overall mortality.”