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Tips for men who want to enlarge their muscles!

 Men usually talk to each other to exchange advice about ways to lose weight , and at the same time there is a category of them - we don't hear much about them and we rarely see them - looking for tips to gain weight, especially those who wear shirts that look like a coat. 

These men feel that their size does not increase even after going to the gym, but they can gain weight and add muscle mass, provided they are willing to be patient enough to achieve this.

Here are some tips, according to the  American GQ magazine  .

Tips for gaining weight

The first thing people need to know, especially men who want to gain weight in order to build huge muscles, is that you have to be patient to do it the right way.

In other words, don't expect to gain  the muscle  you want by eating loads of whey protein and just doing chest exercises. Gaining weight is a lifestyle change that includes what you eat, how you get and stay fit, and a set of realistic aspirations.

Eat more protein to gain weight quickly

Muscles are built from proteins, not  fats  or  carbohydrates , so eating enough  protein  to build muscle and gain weight quickly is crucial.

Fortunately, you can achieve this in many other ways if you are not a fan of beef, there are other options such as whey protein, lamb and seafood, as well as plant protein such as  soy .

But the whole point is the amount of protein: Would you like to eat three ounces of meat every few hours, or five cups of broccoli?

And you should know that you should not pass 4 hours without eating anything, and you can eat some snacks such as dates and nuts .

An easy option for an extra meal is a smoothie with  bananas  , berries and protein powder, but it's important to make sure that the extra meal is really an addition to your diet, and that it doesn't take the place of  other foods  .

Weight gain begins with eating more

You don't need a degree in nutrition to know that weight gain is associated with eating more, but what you eat is just as important as how much you eat.

The bottom line for weight gain is to increase your total  calorie  intake by eating a mix of nutrient-dense protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

And if your goal is to gain weight and build muscle  as well, adding more food to your diet in a wise way is important. Do not consider it an opportunity to devour potato chips and soda, as they are nothing but empty calories that do not contain the nutrients you need.

You need carbohydrates for the energy you'll expend—you're supposed to work harder the more you eat  — and you need proteins and fats to provide the building blocks for building new tissue.

So you might consider adding a bowl of  cereal  , low-fat milk  , and granola to your diet.

Maybe a peanut butter sandwich, maybe a cookie topped with scrambled eggs, whatever. Be sure to start gradually: between 250 and 500 extra calories a day.

Can't I just drink milk?

The GOMAD diet - which stipulates drinking a bottle of milk a day - enters every discussion or Google search of ways to gain weight, and it is certainly a harsh diet, and its advocates offer many caveats.

And if you want to follow it, you will have to carry heavy weights 3 times a week, and if you are worried about gaining fat, the GUMAD diet is probably not suitable for you, and many people cannot tolerate this amount of lactose.

Will we have to lift weights?

Let's not forget that performing  aerobic exercise  is a key component to gaining weight and increasing body size.

Slow-twitch muscle fibers are the basis for endurance exercises, such as sprinting, but fast-twitch muscle fibers are the ones to work on.

This means that you have to perform resistance exercises to your maximum tolerance. It is assumed that training the main muscle groups ( chest  , back  , legs  , etc.) twice a week will bring the desired result.

So work out with a variety of weights, light and heavy, and the goal is to get out of the gym with your legs crossed.

And after completing the exercise, eat a meal of several ingredients to help repair the muscles: some milk (yogurt), some  fruits , and a little peanut butter, and one cup of milk is fine, too.