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From the bliss of the World Cup to the hell of Chelsea: Did Potter's message reach Ziyech?

 From the bliss of the World Cup to the hell of Chelsea: Did Potter's message reach Ziyech?

Moroccan star Hakim Ziyech , the English player for Chelsea , participated in the last 18 minutes of his team’s match against Nottingham Forest, Sunday, in the 16th week of the English Premier League, after coach Graham Potter pushed him to score the winning goal, but the match ended. With a tie (1-1).

Ziyech's situation did not differ compared to the stage before his participation in the 2022 World Cup, as Coach Potter chose not to rely on him primarily in this confrontation, and did not give him enough time that might allow him to help the team in a meeting that seemed within Chelsea's reach.

Despite the distinguished performance presented by Ziyash in the Qatar World Cup and his main participation in all matches and the praise he found, this was not enough to change his ranking among the stars in the center of the "Blues" stadium, as Coach Potter continued to ignore him, and followed in the footsteps of former coach Thomas Tuchel. Who did not give enough time to the Moroccan at the beginning of the season.

The coach's behavior can be considered as a message to the Moroccan player, stating that he will not be present in the next stage and should not wait for gifts from his coach, who has an idea in his mind and it seems difficult to change it, since Ziash's performance in the World Cup allows him to Shows basic.

And Ziyash's appearance being limited to 18 minutes in the last meeting may be a convincing reason for him to welcome any offer that guarantees him his departure from the hell of the English team Chelsea, after days during which he enjoyed the bliss of the Qatar World Cup and wrote a distinguished page in the record of Arab and African football.

Although the Milan team, which was one of the most interested in Ziyash's services, withdrew from the competition to contract with him, the coming days may bear good news with the arrival of a better offer that will end the suffering of the Moroccan star with the "Blues".