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Stalin's car put up for auction in Germany at the price of five Bugatti Veyron

 Stalin's car put up for auction in Germany at the price of five Bugatti Veyron

Perhaps this car is really worth that much, and maybe even more ...

The rare ZIS car, which once belonged to Stalin (at least, as its current owner claims), was put up for auction on one of the online sites in Germany.

The description of the unusual lot says that the Soviet leader drove this car, and since 1960 the car belonged to a certain honored artist. True, her name is not specified. There is no evidence that Stalin actually drove this car.

The car was produced in 1946, and, judging by the photo, the car is in excellent condition.

The price of the car is for 8.5 million euros. It's scary to even count how many cool cars you could buy for that amount!

Russian connoisseurs of automotive rarities argue that the information that Stalin drove a car has no basis. It is known that the leader of the peoples drove the standard ZIS-110 model, and its improved armored version - 115 or 110C. But finding a similar car in such good condition, even among the most expensive cars, is simply impossible today.

The ZIS-110 was created on the basis of a spar frame, and under the hood of a car there was a 6-liter engine with a capacity of 140 hp. Vehicle weight over 2.5 tons.

To all questions regarding the exorbitant price, the owners of the limousine simply offer to sit inside the car and feel like a generalissimo.