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Yoan Wissa, the Liverpool conqueror: grew up as a goalkeeper and survived blindness

Yoan Wissa, the Liverpool conqueror: grew up as a goalkeeper and survived blindness

 The Congolese, Yoan Wissa, waited for his team, Brentford, to face Liverpool in the English Football League, on Monday, to announce himself again, since he scored a goal against the “Reds” and caused a goal, to lead his team to victory (3-1).

The former French Lorient player was able to prove his eligibility to be in the team, since he faced many crises throughout his career before going through a professional experience in the English Premier League that helped him prove his good level, and this season he scored four goals, and during 3 matches against Liverpool he scored two goals, Which means that he has become a specialist in shaking the nets of this team.

During the summer of 2021, Wessa was subjected to one of the most dangerous moments in his career, when he was attacked with an acidic liquid by a cheerleader, who stormed his house and attacked him with the help of a dangerous liquid that hit the attacker in the eye and forced him to be rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgical intervention to avoid losing sight. .

And according to French media sources, the cheerleader who attacked him at his home had visited him hours before she did what she did and asked for the player’s signature for her son before returning in the evening and doing what she did, and the reasons for this strange behavior were not known, as it appears that the woman suffers from psychological problems. .

As for the second crisis in his career, it was against the Moroccan national team, during the qualifying play-off matches for the Qatar World Cup 2022, he scored the first goal in the first leg, but the Atlas Lions equalized the result and then won in the second leg 4-1, and the player admitted in an interview with the magazine " Owens Mondial" of France that that match will remain haunted by its memory for many years.

The Congolese went through all the stages in France before playing in the English Premier League, as he was in the Brechon team, and although he was lurking, he participated with the first team, before he chose to abandon his team in order to contract with the Angers team in 2016 to make his way successfully despite the difficulties he faced and imposed. His team had to loan him until he joined Lorient in the French second division, which was his gateway to prominence, as the English club paid 10 million euros to sign him.

Before becoming a striker who terrifies the guards, the Congolese player occupied the position of goalkeeper at the beginning of his career, where he received his training in this plan, but he changed his plan later, and this change was beneficial to him, as he shone in the role of the striker.