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Application to protect your phone from theft 2023 the best appp

 Application to protect your phone from theft

Welcome dear visitors of our website..

As we used to come to you with every new and very useful application, we brought you today a wonderful application that keeps your phone from being stolen!

This application provides you with superior protection for your phones and your private information, because if you activate this application, when anyone touches your phones, a strong alarm will be issued to inform you that someone has stolen your phone! 


Do you feel anxiety and fear on your mobile phone while you are on the bus, crowded market, malls and other public places??

Today we came to you with a very smart and wonderful application.   The name of this   application is Don't touch my phone   . Its mission is to protect your phones and information from theft.


It is a smart application that was released in 2019 to combat phone theft, especially in crowded public places such as buses, markets, malls, and many other places.

Many suffer that they worry about their phone in the most crowded places such as buses, malls and other public places. We brought you this wonderful application

Or if you do not want your child to touch the mobile phone, as soon as the child touches this phone,   a strong alert will be issued, and he will only stop at the fingerprint or put the code for him    ..

How to use the application:

The way to use it is easy and simple, you do not need experience

First, download the app from Google Play for free

Then activate it on your phone and set a password for the application so that no one can stop it and then it warns you of the theft.

- When opening it for the first time, choose an alarm as well, so that this alert is issued when someone touches your mobile device, because there are several types of alerts, choose one of them, all of them are free

- Now try that an intruder touches your device, this application will issue a strong alert, and this person will try to stop the alert, but he will not be able to, because the alert needs a password to be able to stop it


Among the most important features of this application:

-This application will provide you with a super security code 

Provides your phone and private information with very high protection

The alarm does not stop except with a code or a fingerprint

- Takes secret photos if someone touches your phone or tries to unlock the phone and determines the location and sends them to your e-mail so that you know where your phone is located and who is the person who stole it from you

It takes up little storage space

It is also a free application

- Easy to use and very simple

-Free alarm with many ringtones, sounds, as well as device wallpapers


To download the application, click on the following link, click  here 



We hope that you have benefited from your reading about this application, our visitors. We will bring you other new and useful applications for you. We thank you for choosing our site for reading.